Huge For Two Fitness™ Anniversary Giveaway!

I am thrilled to partner with For Two Fitness for an amazing anniversary giveaway. If you recall, I wore For Two Fitness apparel through my pregnancy with Baby #3 and they quickly became my absolutely favorite maternity fitness apparel brand! For Two Fitness is running a phenomenal giveaway for their anniversary. Read the details below. 

It’s our anniversary month! We are so thankful to YOU — our community, customers, and friends. In order to express our thanks, we are hosting a huge giveaway this week in partnership with some amazing brands and fit mom ambassadors.For Two Fitness Giveaway

There will be three winners of the giveaway prize packages. A grand prize winner and two other lucky ladies. Here are some details about the amazing products that have been generously donated for you to win and enjoy!

For Two Fitness Giveaway

Giveaway items:

  • Sarah Haley Fit DVDs Expecting More and Sweat Unlimited — prenatal and postpartum workout DVDs for fit mamas and mamas-to-be.
  • Kind Bars — healthy snack bars to fuel your day.
  • Maclaren Beginnings care products — oils, lotions, shampoos, and nursery/powder room products for both mama and baby.
  • GNC — a three month supply of prenatal vitamins.
  • Happy Family Brands — baby and toddler foods for your little ones.
  • For Two Fitness racerback tank and pair of pants or capris
  • Baby K’tan — stylish carrier to aid in hands-free baby-wearing.
  • Zensah — must-have compression leg sleeves. Relieve leg fatigue, increase circulation, reduce varicose veins, and get fresh legs.
Wow, we are thrilled to have some amazing products for you to win with a grand prize worth over $600.
So, here’s how to enter:
Visit the For Two Fitness site to enter via Rafflecopter. Be sure you “Like” For Two Fitness on Facebook, and follow For Two Fitness on Instagram (@fortwofitness), to say up-to-date on giveaway announcements.

Spring Has Finally Sprung and Week 38 Bumpdate!

This past weekend was full of sun and warmer temps, and I can’t tell you how good it felt to be outside without a jacket! It finally feels like spring has arrived, albeit much later than usual. We spend the entire weekend outside and enjoying the sun and warmth. Thanks to my husband, the painting in the nursery is almost done, and I can’t wait to share the finished pics with you guys!

I wish I had more exciting news to report, but at this point I am in a sort of holding pattern while I wait for Baby Morrison to arrive. :-) Feeling lots of cramps and Braxton Hicks contractions, but none of the real thing yet! I also have constant pain under my right rib. For some reason, the Morrison kids like to hang out on the ride side of mommy’s belly!

I am getting really excited to finally find out the gender–I am still betting boy, boys and hubs say girl. We will soon find out!

38 Weeks


My New Favorite Piece of Maternity Wear from For Two Fitness™

As a For Two Fitness™ Ambassador, I had recently had the opportunity to try out and review the Perfect Pregnancy jacket, and I’m in LOVE. As you have all seen, my belly is getting pretty darn big! I am having a hard time finding jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts that can cover it. ;-) Enter the Perfect Pregnancy Jacket. Here is my video review:

I love this jacket for 3 important reasons 1) it covers my whole stomach and then some 2) it’s super stylish and 3) it’s very comfortable. I have already worn it a number of times, and I continue to get compliments from non-pregnant moms about how cute the jacket is. It’s got ruching on the sides to accommodate the belly without making you look large all over. It’s made of french terry and lycra and has washed nicely. The jacket is perfect for spring as an extra layer when you head out the door.

For extra storage, it has two outside and two inside pockets. The black is a great neutral that goes with just about anything you have (but it’s got a cute punch of hot pink in the zipper!). If you are looking for a jacket/layer that will carry you comfortably through your whole pregnancy, I would definitely pick up the Perfect Pregnancy jacket. I would choose size based on pre-pregnancy sizing–I chose a small and it fit perfectly. :-)

I received the Perfect Pregnancy Jacket from For Two Fitness™ for the purpose of this review. All opinions and writing are 100% my own. 


Bumpdate Week 37

I am now 37 weeks! I know that they have recently changed recommendations regarding term for pregnancy, so I am technically early term—but I feel good knowing baby would be fine if born by this point. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t starting to feel pretty worn out right about now. You reach “that” point in pregnancy when you are kind of sort of ready to be done. I’m there right now. :-) I’ve got some serious discomfort under my right rib, and it pretty much feels like I have a bowling ball between my legs. You get the picture!

37 Weeks

Yesterday one of my other pregnant friends (she was due yesterday) and I decided to take a nice, long walk. We were gone for about and hour and a half, and it actually felt good to be moving (although I was very tired later that night!). I am all about having gravity’s help bringing this baby down.

Random turkeys we saw on our walk yesterday!

Random turkeys we saw on our walk yesterday!


In other news, the boys have been really great lately–so well-behaved which is helping make life around the house more manageable. I actually took both of them grocery shopping yesterday and they were awesome–no fighting, no begging for things, it was unbelievable! Granted it took us about an hour and a half, but I’ll take it!

I’m definitely slowing down with things in general (as you can see I have been posting less), but I am going to try to keep myself busy over the next few weeks. I dislike “due dates” and prefer the term “guess date” because you know your range is most likely two weeks on either side of 40! I have a feeling this one might be earlier, but who knows?!


Bumpdate Week 36!

Yesterday I had my 36 week appointment with one of the midwives at my practice, and it went great! I had to have the Strep B test. I didn’t have it with the boys, so hopefully I don’t with this one either! Everything looked great–they don’t do cervical checks until your due date (which is fine with me!), so I have no idea what’s going on down there. I have been have more uncomfortable Braxton Hicks contractions lately though. :-(

We had a chance to talk for a while about the labor and delivery process at Beth Israel Deaconess Plymouth (formerly Jordan). I had a few questions, since I will be giving birth without the drugs this time. :-) I was very happy with all of the answers to my questions, and I am sure that this birthing experience will be quite a bit different from the last two.

In other news, my almost six-year old started lacrosse yesterday. He was so excited to start playing that we were hoping it lived up to his expectations. Our lacrosse organization here has an instructional league for pre-K and kindergarten, and I can’t believe how many little boys showed up! I also couldn’t believe how many of them had obviously played before! ;-) J had fun, although the 5:30-6:30 practice time is a little hard after a full day of kindergarten. He looked so cute all suited up in his gear (see pic).

J Lacrosse

Nursery wise, things are moving along well–the floors will be finished by tomorrow. Then we will finish painting this weekend. I am so happy that it’s going to be done in time for baby’s arrival (fingers crossed!). The floors look gorgeous now that the 5 layers of paint have been stripped off of them. They are wide and so rich in color–so glad we decided to refinish them. Now I just want to do all the floors in the rest of the house!


Things I am Loving From Etsy!

I have ordered quite a few things from Etsy over the last few years, and I have loved every one of them. It’s fun finding unique items that are often made by SAHMs or other individuals operating their own small businesses. I had been looking around for a while to find some big brother shirts, since the boys were asking for them. I looked hight and low and didn’t see one I liked until I stumbled upon funkymonkeythreads. The Big Bro shirts were adorable, personalized, and only $16.99- WIN! When the shirts arrived, they were wrapped nicely and I love them! The package came complete with a sweet note from the shop owner. :-)

Funky Monkey Threads T-shirts

The other shop I wanted to share with you is that of a good friend from Providence, RI (who now lives in California). You can find her Etsy shop, sickfeet, HERE. For those of us that have grown up in New England, or spent any amount of time here, you can appreciate her new line of shirts. I am totally ordering the “Wicked Awesome” shirts for the boys–they even come in a 3-6 month size, so the new baby can have one too. :-) So support some great mom-owned business while you shop!

Wicked Awesome Shirts


After the Blizzard and Some New Minimalist Shoes

Well, the blizzard ended late yesterday afternoon, and hopefully it’s the last snow storm we will see this spring! One can hope right? It looks like it’s supposed to be a little more seasonal for the balance of the week (40s). I’ll take it! We probably got about 5 inches of snow here in Falmouth. It wasn’t the snow that was bad, it was the insane winds that we had. The whole house seemed to shake once in a while! There were people on the Cape (and islands) who lost power, but thankfully we were not among them.

I took the day to catch up on stuff around the house and relax. the boys and I had a nice hearty breakfast in our pajamas and had lots of imaginative play time inside. My husband took them out around dinner time when the wind died down. They clearly needed some fresh air after being cooped up all day!

Be Real ShoesI also want to share a new pair of minimalist shoes that I recently had the opportunity to test out. I am fully converted to minimalist shoes, so I was excited to try a brand new line of shoes! They felt very nice on my pregnant feet. There are several reasons why I love the Be Real shoes. Their patent-pending soles are 100% recyclable. They resemble Vibrams, but I like that your toes don’t have to fit into the toe pockets. There are also styles that offer laces, as opposed to velcro only closure.

One of the other features I am psyched about is the fact that you can wear them on the street, the trails, and in the water! I love a multi-functional shoe! Their brand new website is launching in a few days. If you sign up for info on the availability of the shoes, you can automatically receive a coupon for 20% off. Visit the site HERE. You can also check out their Facebook page.

30 Something Mother Runner received a pair of Be Real shoes for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% my own. 


35 Week Bumpdate and Weekend Recap (We Had a Blast!!)

Last Friday we headed to the Cove in Yarmouth (about 45 minutes from Falmouth) for my birthday weekend getaway. The boys were so excited to hit the indoor pool–it was adorable! We went out to eat when we arrived Friday and then hit the pool for some night swimming. I love the Cove because the keep the pool area (and water) really warm! We had to drag the boys out of the water around 9 to get them back to the room and wind them down.

35 Weeks at the Beach!

I think they finally went to bed around 10 p.m.! Too bad they didn’t sleep in! ;-) Luckily, since it was my birthday, Clarke got up early with the boys and took them to go get breakfast for me. They also came back with birthday cards and flowers. :-) We ate a leisurely breakfast and then went back to the pool for more swim time. Swimming felt so good, since I was weightless! I failed to locate my two maternity swimsuits, so I was forced to wear a regular bikini! Luckily it was a bikini and not a one piece, or I’m quite sure I wouldn’t have fit! After that I took a nap (a frequent occurrence for me now!), while Clarke took the boys to try out racquetball and play in the game room.

At the Cove Pool

Notice my toddler burrito in the background :-)

Since it was a sunny, albeit windy day, we got some outside time at a local playground and then visited an Audubon preserve on the water. After that was dinner at Not Your Average Joe’s. We intended to go to the Lego movie, but by the time we got sat and finished dinner it was too late. So, what did we do? More swimming of course! We couldn’t get enough of the pool and warm temps there (especially after the hellacious winter we have had!). The boys watched the Muppet movie until bed time and we swam again in the morning before heading home. Everyone was exhausted by the time we got home. We had such a fun family weekend– it was nice to have the time together without any home projects or other things to interfere.


As for the 35 week mark, I am still feeling pretty tired and large (as you can see my belly continues to grow). I have been feeling a lot more Braxton Hicks contractions and pelvic pressure as I approach the last month. I have a strong feeling I will not go the whole 40 weeks with this one (38 weeks for #1 and 39 1/2 weeks for #2). Maybe it’s just wishful thinking? ;-)


TGIF – Away We Go for the Weekend!

I’m so excited it’s Friday!!!! Today is my day to help at my younger son’s cooperative preschool, and I decided to spring my older son from kindergarten (he’s an alumni), so he could go with us before we head down to Yarmouth for a weekend at the Cove. We are going to go out to dinner, swim, and check out the Lego movie (which we still haven’t seen yet!).

ABCD Mole ChartI plan to take full advantage of the heated indoor pool, since it’s probably the only fitness activity I feel comfortable doing right about now. ;-) It will be nice to feel weightless. When we get back on Sunday, we are planning on doing a little more painting and baby prep. I was hopeful that we would get a little more warm weather next week, but unfortunately it just looks like the possibility of another snow storm!

Since I mentioned getting your yearly skin check in a post earlier this week, I thought I would follow-up with a chart to help you identify moles that might be abnormal (the ABCD chart). While it’s not a substitute for a check with your physician, it can help you notice things that you might need to get checked out ASAP.

Have a great weekend! :-)


Week 34 Bumpdate and a Public Service Announcement from Yours Truly!

34 WeeksYesterday I had my 34 week appointment with the midwife. Everything is looking great! I am gearing up for an unmedicated birth this time around. I am giving myself permission to change my mind during the process–I like to keep my options open. :-) I just feel like it’s something I really want to go for. I talked with the midwife about the birthing tub there and signed all the waivers. At Beth Israel Deaconess Plymouth (formerly Jordan), you can opt for a water birth in the tub. I plan on laboring in it, but not sure I will go all the way with the birth in the tub.

One of the reasons we chose BID Plymouth is because I can have a midwife do my delivery at the hospital. There are 6 midwives in the practice, so one is always on call for delivery. I also like the fact that I will get to go through labor and delivery in the same room that I will be in for the length of my hospital stay (unlike the boys’ births).

So I basically have just one more 2 week appointment and then I am down to weekly appointments! Time is starting to really fly by!

In other news, I also had my yearly skin check at the dermatologist on Monday. Here is my PSA for you– go get your skin checked! Skin cancer is the fastest growing cancer for women in their 20s and 30s. I go every year to get my skin checked, and this year she recommended having one of my moles (sort of a birthmark I have had forever) prophylactically removed. Apparently it is rare, but they can turn into melanoma, so she advised taking it off. I will have a scar there, but I am going to get it removed after the baby comes!

I know people are sometimes afraid to go in to the dermatologist, especially if you tanned in high school or college (I stupidly did!) or you spent a lot of time outside without proper sun protection. That being said, it is A LOT easier to remove a mole than it is to have to deal with late stage skin cancer! Now go schedule your dermatology appointment! :-)