Still Running Inside..

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It´s killing me that the temps have been in the 40s the past few days, and I haven´t been able to run outside! There is still quite a bit of snow piled up, making the roads narrower. Combined with the rain that created slush that froze over night = no bueno for outside running.

That being said, I have been mixing it up a bit on the dreadmill. Yesterday I did a 2 mile warm-up, and then 3 min at 10K pace (7:19) and 2 minutes rest (7:51 average pace for the run).

Yes, I dominated you yesterday! ;-)

Yes, I dominated you yesterday! ;-)

Running on the treadmill is so much easier to handle when you break it up with intervals, surges, progression, etc. It’s just plain too boring for me to plug in at one speed and stay there the whole time!

I  am very thankful to be able to run on the treadmill though, because if I couldn’t run at all, I think my family would be ready to sell me to the highest bidder! Winking smile

Today is going to be an off day. I can’t believe my next half is in two weeks! I am crossing my fingers that the weather cooperates. As long as we’re not talking single digits and extreme wind, I’ll be fine.

I decided to get another balaclava that came on Monday. I went with the Saucony Drylete one, so I am itching to test it out. As soon as the roads clear up and the temperatures dip again, I will give it ago. I totally heart Running Warehouse—great prices and FREE two-day delivery!

Is anyone else still stuck inside on the treadmill??



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    Can you program your treadmill for the intervals? Or do you have to watch it and manually adjust the pace?

    Some days I wish I had a treadmill. While the weather rarely keeps me from runs in Cali (more often heat than cold), not having a baby sitter is a common cause of skipping a run.
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    We got a treadmill a few years ago, and I hate it. I don’t really mind treadmills at the gym, because when I have to run for more than 30 minutes I’ll prop up a magazine and zone out. But the one we have at home is awful. I’d rather skip a run than suffer through that all winter.
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