25 Week Bumpdate

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I can’t believe it’s 25 weeks already! I’m super excited, since we have another ultrasound tomorrow. Can’t wait to see Baby Morrison again for some more pictures. :-) This time we are bringing the boys. They are so excited to see their sibling!

Things are slowing down for me on the exercise front. The pelvic pain seems to get worse when I run, so I have been taking it easy and just walking briskly–trying to stay active as much as I can! I went to get a prenatal massage over the weekend to help with some of the discomfort (lower back is bothering me too) and it was heavenly. I scheduled one for next month too, so I have another one to look forward to! ;-)

20 Weeks!

Baby Morrison

I know I am starting to look a lot bigger, because random people are starting to make comments about it! I am already anticipating the “You look like you’re ready to go any day now!” Believe it or not, I got one of those when I was pregnant with C at 7 months. The cashier proceeded to tell me how great it was that I was still getting out and about! I smiled politely and let her know that I wasn’t quite there yet. The things people say to pregnant women…

People keep asking me if I am feeling boy or girl, and the answer is still no. I am just assuming it will be a third boy at this point–if it’s a girl it will be a definite surprise! We are trying hard to come up with boy names–it’s been so hard to find one that we both love and agree on. The girls names just seem so much easier. When we finally get it, we’ve decided we will not be sharing it with anyone until the baby’s birth. I learned the hard way about people giving unwanted advice on your name choices. ;-)

Did you share your child’s name with anyone before his/her birth? 




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    We did not share our names. I loved introducing the baby to our family and seeing the looks on their faces.

    Plus, you are right. No one will share their opinion on the name when it’s already said and done.

    We did not find out the sex either, but I did guess right for both babies. I had a feeling. One boy and one girl and this mama was done.
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