10 Things I Have Noticed About Being Pregnant for the Third Time

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To add some humor to everyone’s day, I have compiled a list of things that I have observed about being pregnant with #3.

  1. You get bigger even sooner than you did with number two (and way sooner than number one!). I felt like I looked pregnant the day I found out I was. Even though that was a lot of bloating, I was definitely in maternity pants at bout 6 weeks. ;-) Those good ole abdominal muscles have a good memory!
  2. When you tell people this is your third, they often look at you with a amazement or shock–I can only imagine the looks that those with more than three get!
  3. You forget how many weeks pregnant you are on a regular basis. People ask me how far along I am, and I often have to sit and think about it for a while.
  4. As a follow up to number 3, I often forget I’m pregnant. When you are busy working and caring for two already, you usually don’t stop and think about being pregnant, you just try to get everything done!
  5. As a parent to two boys, I get the “Are you hoping for a girl?” question at least once a day. Honestly, I think I was hoping for a girl more with number 2 than I am for this one. I will be equally happy with a third boy.
  6. The oh so fun symptoms of a larger stomach start sooner too, i.e. the pubic symphysis pain. I started noticing it around 24 weeks this time around, and no joke it often hurts to bend over and pick something up–same goes for lower back pain. The belly band will be your new best friend. :-)
  7. You will worry way less, about everything…whether it’s an extra cup of coffee, how often you feel the baby kick, or eating the occasional luncheon meat sandwich. It’s so nice to feel more relaxed and not stress about every little thing.
  8.  Few people offer up labor/delivery/baby advice, since they pretty much assume you know what you are doing!
  9. The time will go by REALLY fast. It’s hard to believe I am almost to the third trimester!
  10. Your kids will be very curious about the impending arrival. Note–expect questions about where babies come from and how they are born! :-)


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    Too funny!!! Em started crying the other day in the car saying that she didn’t want to be a mom. When I asked her why she said because she didn’t want anyone to cut her stomach and take it out!! I said (stupidly) that that wasn’t the only way a baby came out. So of course she asked how else they came out….I pretended that I forgot what she said and started singing!!! Yeah I’m not ready for that one!!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted..TTTMy Profile

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    haha so true! Heck I felt that way even PG with my second child! Turkey sandwich? Yep. Coffee at 3pm b/c I’m falling asleep at my desk? Yep. and oh the earlier onset of the pain!! You look fabulous, mama, and it’s going to be time before you know it!!! So exciting!!
    Michele C. recently posted..Foggy Day FotoMy Profile

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    You are ADORABLE! And yes, just wait until the baby is born, you will forget how many weeks they are when asked by others! I used to say 6 weeks(ish)…it’s all a blur. But you will enjoy the time more – I had NO PROBLEM slowing down to savor the moments once she was born. Congratulations Jess!

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