It’s Deja Vu- Here Comes Janus and a New Look for the Blog!

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You have probably noticed by now that 30 Something Mother Runner got a fabulous new update thanks to Jumping Jax Designs! I LOVE that Becca captured my vision of a theme that reflected my move back to the Cape. Thanks Becca! :-) I will be adding in my social media icons and making a few sidebar tweaks today.

It seems like we just had Hercules, and here we are on the Cape with another blizzard on our hands (Janus)! The weather this winter has been so wacky– we either have a blizzard or it’s 50°. They called a snow day yesterday, so hopefully after the snow slows down today we will have some sledding going on. The boys have been dying to go sledding again and Dad will be working from home, so we are going to make it happen. ;-)

Ashton Sutton Wall Mirror Mosaic

Ashton Sutton Wall Mirror Mosaic

I think today is going to involve some outdoor play, hot chocolate, lots of work, and perhaps a nap (for me at least!). I have stopped running as of late, due to the pubic symphysis pain. When I talked to my midwife, she said that running would just aggravate it, so I am walking and staying active in other ways. I am hoping to get out for a walk in the snow this afternoon, I only have about 3 1/2 months left; so I am sure before I know it, I will be on the roads again. :-)

Aside from picking up a lot of freelance work lately, we are also trying to square away some home improvement projects. We need to get started on the guest bedroom/nursery, so the past week has involved finishing up the boys’ bathroom. I have been painting and ordering some accessories, including this cool mirror I found on Amazon (see pic to the right)–it kind of reminds me of a porthole (which goes with the nautical feel of the bathroom).

I figure if I am going to be snowed in, I might as well get some home improvement and retail therapy in!

Who else is feeling the wrath of Janus?



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