Who Wants to Come to Napa with Me?

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ZOOMA NapaIn case you missed it, ZOOMA is running their inaugural race in Napa Valley June 27-28 (10K and half marathon). They are running an AWESOME contest where they will be giving one lucky blogger and one of their readers an all expenses trip to the race!

Here is where I insert my shameless plug to vote for me. ;-) Seriously, if you would vote, I would greatly appreciate it! What a fun race to train for post-baby #3! HERE is the link to vote.

As for the blizzard Janus, we did get a decent amount of snow, though not as much as the South Shore. Some locations there got up to 17 inches of snow! We are left with some pretty frigid temps and the wind. We spent yesterday indoors (all day for me), except for a sledding excursion for my husband and the boys. They had fun, but it was so cold that they weren’t able to stay out for long.

After being cooped up yesterday, I am kind of looking forward to a school day so I can get some work done and clean up around the house. I have been sending my 3 1/2 year old to lunch bunch at preschool, so that I can get a good 6 hours of work in during the day. It’s been so nice to have the uninterrupted time, and he loves staying for lunch and playing outside at school.

I am excited to report that I also got a lot of painting done yesterday, so the boys’ bathroom is almost done! I will post some pics when it’s finished. :-)



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