4 Apps to Keep You Safe on the Run

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Following up on a recent post I did on the importance of running with proper identification, I have compiled a list of available apps that you can download on your smart phone to help keep you safe while running.

  • Road ID appRoad ID (FREE)– The same fabulous people who make identification bracelets for running (and other sports) have developed that will help you run safely. Using eCrumb tracking, the app will allow your loved ones to know your running route. They can track you in real-time, and it also has a stationary alert that you can use to let someone know if you are stopped for more than 5 minutes. Another very cool feature is the lock screen, which locks your screen with an image of your emergency contact info. It is not a replacement for a Road ID, in my opinion, but I think it’s a fabulous app!
  • iRun Safe ($1.99)– This app will provide you with an emergency contact card and allows you to share your location on Facebook. This app seemed a little thin to me; there are not a whole lot of details on it, nor are there any reviews.
  • Safe Runner ($1.99)– The Safe Runner app tracks your workout progress, and it allows you to activate a duress alarm to send to your loved one if you feel unsafe at any point in your workout.
  • On Watch (FREE)– This app is a general personal safety app that will allow you to set up 6 customizable alert modes including call 911, alert friends, call campus police, etc. While this app is more geared to your own personal safety, I think it could definitely be used for running too.

I am sure there are more that I missed, so feel free to leave any apps you have found useful in the comments section. My personal fave of all these is definitely the Road ID app. I think it’s very comprehensive, and I love that it’s free! :-)




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