Fit Bit and Other Fitness Tracking Devices

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Like many of you, I kept hearing about the “Fit Bit” and other fitness tracking devices and wondered what exactly did they do. These very cool new trackers can log your exercise data (thinks steps, calories burned, distance etc.), weight, and sleep, and are able to sync with online tools to track your daily food intake. Here are a few of the most popular tracking devices on the market right now:

  • Jawbone UP

    Jawbone UP

    Fit Bit ($129.95) — This device tracks exercise, food, weight, and sleep. Fit Bit offers four different trackers: Zip™, One™, Flex™, and Force™. They range in price from $59.95 to $129.95. To read some of the reviews for Fit Bit devices, click HERE. The Fit Bit sits on your wrist, and it’s incredible slim it is with all of the data it is able to track!

  • Jawbone ($129.99)– The Jawbone UP is also a wrist tracker (with a very modern and stylish design). It can be synced with Apple and Droid devices. Similar to the Fit Bit, it tracks food, fitness, and sleep activities. The UP also has Insight Engine, which allows you to see and understand patterns in your daily activities, which can be invaluable when developing fitness and weight loss goals. Other cool features are the idle alert–which lets you know when you have been sedentary for too long and mood tracking capabilities.
  • Nike+ Fuel Band SE ($149.00)– The Fuel Band SE is more geared toward fitness tracking, providing you with comprehensive data about your workouts including frequency of movement, intensity of exercise, and also allows you to interact socially with other Fuel Band users. The device uses Bluetooth to sync to your smart phone.

 Do you have a fitness tracker? What are you thoughts on these types of devices?



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