To sum up the weather from this past weekend it was GORGEOUS! The dew point was low, which meant dry and warm. I was on the bike path by 7 am for Saturday’s run, and it was so beautiful!

After squeezing in a run, we had my older son’s fourth birthday party at Slater Park. This year’s birthday theme was a picnic party. We love having birthdays outside, weather permitting of course! I love having the kids enjoy outside time and get LOTS of exercise, while having fun at the same time.

I found these cute little basket/bushels at Michaels and lined them with blue napkins (see picture). I made little picnic lunches that consisted of a couple of crackers, a package of cheese, little bags of pretzel Goldfish, a juice box, a banana, and a Chobani Champions. For treats, we included a bottle of bubbles and a package of sidewalk chalk. I also created tags with each child’s name and tied them to the baskets.

I think they were a big hit—each child loved getting his/her own little basket. We had a cake (see picture) made that had Paddy O’Concrete on it (for those of you who have children obsessed with the original Cars movie—you may recognize him as a monster truck from the  Mater Toons). Winking smile It turned out amazing—Tina (a high school senior!) made it. I was floored when I picked it up!

Sunday was a long run on the Cape. I headed down to Falmouth this weekend to help my mother with a few things around the house before my stepfather heads to the hospital this morning for an intensive treatment for his melanoma. The weather was absolutely beautiful and I ran from my Mom’s house to Woods Hole on the bike path and back.

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I had one of those awesome long run days when you are surprised that  you actually ran faster than you felt—love it when that happens! I am still wearing my compression socks for long runs, and I really think they have helped SO much. I don’t have much soreness later in the day after long runs or even the  next day. I am a believer! I was very satisfied with the run, which is a good thing, because I took a peak at next month’s training schedule and almost had a panic attack! I will share some more about that later this week!

How was YOUR weekend?

Jessica Morrison

7 comments on “A Beautiful Long Run and Some Partying Too”

  1. You’re so creative! I love the basket ideas, too cute!

    It was a beautiful weekend – I ran 8 on the same path you and I ran last weekend, it was perfect out!

  2. Don’t you just LOVE when a run goes that well and surprises the heck out of you?? So freakin’ cool. PS you are so craft, I’d never think of the basket idea, so cute!!

  3. You get big points for those uber creative baskets! I’m sure they did love them. And love the cake–I’m sad that my kids are too old now to like Cars. : (

  4. Those baskets are adorable!! So creative! :). Glad you got to enjoy the beautiful weather!!

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