Back to school germs

I am so over back to school germs and it’s only the second full week of school here. I woke up Monday morning to find yet another one of the boys was under the weather. First, it was me getting pneumonia 2 weeks ago, then my oldest went down with strep throat and missed two days of school. Now it’s the youngest with a fever and probably strep from the oldest.

Since my youngest is now in preschool two days a week until 2, I had mapped out the perfect day of getting sh$t done, but it’s back to the drawing board friends. For the second Monday in a row, my butt-kicking plans were derailed. I’m just hoping we are punching our illness card early in the school year, but with all 3 boys in school, now I’m not counting on it! 🙂

In other news, the boys are getting ready for their daddy and me camping weekend this coming weekend, so I can look forward to some time to myself and gasp, making it the whole night without someone crawling into the bed! In all seriousness, I will probably get lonely and end up going up to the campsite during the day. It sounds funny, but I do miss the mayhem when it gets too quiet around here. I guess it’s just become a way of life, and I love it!

I’m not a bonafide camper (more like a glamper), so I think I will relegate my visit to the daytime. It gets chilly overnight now and I like the idea of sleeping in a real bed too much! I might stay for the s’mores though…

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