It was kind of surreal moving all of our belongings out of the condo yesterday. The townhouse was a place of firsts (so well said by my sister). It was our first place, we got married while we lived there, we brought our boys home from the hospital there…

As much as I was so ready move on to a different neighborhood and a bigger house, I can see why they say that moving is a “major life event.” It’s physically and emotionally stressful. Even though you feel ready to take the next step, it still hurts a bit to leave the old place behind.

photo (32)I am going to listen to my own advice to my four year-old on the ride to Falmouth last night: just because we say goodbye doesn’t mean it’s forever.

I know that we will be back in Providence to visit old stomping grounds and hang out with our friends. I also know that many of our friends will be more than happy to come visit us on the Cape in the summer! Winking smile

So, we are pretty much homeless for the next month and a half or so. We will be shuffling between my in-laws and my mother’s as we wait for the construction to finish on her in-law apartment. I am sure the time will pass quickly as my older son gets acclimated to his new preschool and we make plans for our new living space,

I will end by saying that it was pretty cool to be driving over the bridge and coming “home” again! Smile

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