Food Safety Tips for Summer

Since we are still dealing with the after effects of probable food poisoning, I thought today was the perfect day to write about a couple of food safety tips for summer:

  1. Make sure that you keep foods that need to be refrigerated at 40 degrees or lower by storing them in insulated containers with ice packs. Do not remove them from the insulated containers or refrigerator until the last possible minute.
  2. For safe grilling, make sure that red meat is cooked to a minimum of 160 degrees, poultry to a minimum of 165, and fish to a minimum of 145. You CANNOT tell if it’s the right temperature by just looking at it. If you can, make sure you have a meat thermometer near your grill to double-check temperatures.
  3. Do not allow cross contamination when prepping your food. When you are done prepping the meat, make sure that all dishes and utensils are washed thoroughly. Use separate food prep tools and utensils for each different food.
  4. This one is common sense, but make sure you wash your hands THOROUGHLY. This is one of the easiest ways to avoid contaminating food.
  5. If you cannot refrigerate leftovers right away, toss them out right away!
  6. Avoid letting your food come in contact with chemical-containing products like bug spray, citronella, sunscreen, etc.
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Jessica Morrison

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