I slept in this morning—I know, shocking! Usually I would wake up super early, since I am still three hours ahead. However, since I had nothing to wake up early for and no kids to wake me up, I slept in! Woo hoo!

photo (43)I feel like a million bucks after getting 11 hours of sleep. I seriously can’t remember the last time that happened! There’s been a bit of a  marine layer hanging around here for the past day or so, so it’s foggy this morning and probably will be for the balance of the day near the coast.

After having some coffee and breakfast, I am going to hit the road for a run up to Sunset Cliffs and back. It’s beautiful and will give me a bit of hill work. Winking smile

We are still planning what to do for the rest of the day, so we will see. My brother-in-law owns a couple of Floyd’s Barber Shops (they do women’s cuts and color too), and I have yet to see them. I think we are going to go check them out and get some hair services!

I am sure we will go some place fun for dinner, and then tomorrow will most likely be a hike near Black’s Beach. Hope my East Coast buds are not too cold this morning—I will try and bring back some warmer weather!

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Jessica Morrison

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