Jabra Elite in Charging Box

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Last month I got a pair of Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Ear Buds to test out and review. I love to listen to podcasts while I run or workout, so quality headphones are a must. I get frustrated with wires getting tangled while I’m running, so I prefer wireless ear buds. I was excited to find that the Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Ear buds are 100% wireless– not even a behind the ear strap! I anxiously set them up and got plugged in to see if they would stay put while on the run (keep reading to find out!).

Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Ear Buds

There are so many cool features with these water proof ear buds (they even come with a 3-year warranty against sweat damage!) — here are just a few:

Jabra Elite in Package

Adjusting Background Noise for Safety

Each earbud has two microphones that help reduce background noise when you want to focus on a phone call or your favorite songs. Sometimes you do want to be aware of background noise though, especially when you are out running or doing other outdoor activities. In this case, you can simply swipe the setting in the Jabra app to “Hear the difference” and it will filter in background noise. I think this is a really valuable feature for those of us who like to take music on the run but want to be safe while doing so.

Comfort and Fit

It’s always been a challenge for me to find ear buds that are comfortable and stay in my ear while on the run– it’s no small feat! The Jabra Sport Elite ear buds come with a number of different sizing options with the ear buds and wings. It took me a little while to find the right combination (I chose not to use the wings), but I finally got the perfect fit. I’ve taken them out on the run many times with no slipping or falling out. Initially, I was a little nervous that I would lose one of the roads, but thankfully that wasn’t the case!

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Battery Life

The ear buds have a battery life of 4.5 hours which is great for longer runs (or even a marathon!). If you run out of juice, the carrying case provides a portable charging solution and an extra 13.5 hours of play time!

Jabra Elite Close-up

Jabra Sport Life App

The headphones can be used with the Jabra Sport Life app which provides support for a number of different activities including running, walking, cycling, hiking, skating, skiing, and spinning. The in-ear precision heart rate monitor provides you with real-time heart rate monitoring which is great with those interested in heart rate monitor training, or in case you are just curious! The app also provides you with real-time personalized updates during the workout like distance completed, pace, average pace and intensity level.

You can grab your own Jabra Elite Sport wireless ear buds at Amazon or Best Buy. They retail for around $249.99.

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