I wrote a guest post on the Attune Foods blog this morning, describing the relationship between diet and training and how it works for me. Check it out!

Yesterday, I attended a ZOOMA lunch on the in Falmouth at the Sea Crest Beach Hotel—sharing the race with the local running community. I haven’t been to the Sea Crest in quite a while (pre-renovation) and let me say it was BEAUTIFUL!

Me, Michelle, Nancy, Anne Curi Preisig, and Brae Blackley

We had lunch at Shutters, overlooking the water. It literally felt like we were eating on the beach! I was so excited to finally meet Brae Blackley and a few fellow ZOOMA Ambassadors who I have met online but not in real life: Nancy and Michelle. They are both so sweet and I can’t wait to work with them over the next few months!

Lunch with a view and great company was fabulous. We got to take a quick look at the proposed course, and I will post more when it gets the final approval. For anyone who wants to spend the night Saturday at the Sea Crest, they have a special ZOOMA rate which is $199. They are waiving the standard two night minimum, so this is a FABULOUS deal (especially at this location and at this time of year). There are some very nice rooms included in the block, so the sooner you book, the better!

ZOOMA Goodies!

All in all, a great way to celebrate National Running Day (complete with the morning’s four miles!).

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Jessica Morrison

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