Road trip

We are leaving tomorrow morning for Pittsburgh to visit family. It’s been a few years since our last visit (my grandmother just turned 88!), so I’m looking forward to taking the boys back to visit and see some of the attractions they likely do not remember from their last visit.

On our road trip, we will take two days to drive down and two to drive back, so it breaks up the hours spent in the car. While the flight from Boston would only be about an hour, buying 5 tickets would be a budget buster, so road trip it is! Don’t worry– we have plenty of snacks!

The first stop will be in Strasburg, PA, where we will spend a little time in Amish country and visit the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. The last time we made a visit to Strasburg, my oldest was a toddler and my middle son was a baby. I can’t wait for them to experience it now, because I know they are going to LOVE it! We stay at the Clarion Inn Strasburg (formerly Strasburg Inn), because it’s family friendly and in a BEAUTIFUL spot right next to downtown Strasburg).

We will spend five days just south of Pittsburgh with trips planned to the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium, National Aviary and Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. I’m still not sure which way we will head back, but most likely we will stop in the Poconos before making the last leg home at the end of next week. When I was a child, we would often stop at Bushkill Falls, so maybe I’ll get to bring the boys there too! 🙂

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Some people think we are crazy for taking long road trips with the kids, but I actually enjoy it when we break it up with fun stops along the way. My best advice is to start doing it when they’re young, because they will get used to traveling longer in the car! Letting the kids give input into suggested stops helps too!

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