Runner’s Knee

Runner’s knee (patellofemoral pain syndrome) is actually a loose term for a number of different things that can go wrong with your knee. It’s aptly named, since it often occurs among runners, and it accounts for about 20% of running injuries. One of the frustrating things about runner’s knee is that isn’t something that shows up on an MRI, x-ray, or other diagnostic test. It’s pain that can be mild in the beginning and will continue to get more severe if the individual doesn’t rest the knee.

Runner's Knee

The most likely culprit for the pain is chronic stimulation of the pain nerves in the knee. What causes runner’s knee? There are generally three things that can cause runner’s knee: overuse, weak quadriceps, direct trauma to the knee, misalignment of the bones, or podiatric issues like overpronation or high arches.

How do you know if you have runner’s knee? Here are some signs/symptoms:

  • Popping or grinding you feel in your knee
  • Pain in the knee when walking down the stairs or downhill
  • Swelling in the knee area
  • Pain felt when bending your knee

The best thing to do if you think you have runner’s knee is to rest. Continuing to run on the knee will only make it worse, and it could lead to other injuries. Follow the RICE guidelines and gradually transition back into running when you no longer feel pain in the knee. It’s also helpful to take an NSAID like ibuprofen.


Alysia Montaño – A Bad Ass Mother Runner

Many of you have probably seen the story of Alysia Montaño, but in case you haven’t, I am compelled to share it. Montaño is an 800m runner who recently ran in the USATF championships while 34 weeks pregnant. She was only 31 seconds off the leader–a lot closer than I would have been at 34 weeks! Montaño continued her workout regimen through her pregnancy, and she consulted with her doctors before competing in the USATF championships. They gave her the okay (awesome), and away she went.

I love her quote when interviewed after the race: “That took away any fear of what the outside world might think about a woman running during her pregnancy…what I found out mostly was that exercising during pregnancy is actually much better for the mom and the baby. I did all the things I normally do. I just happened to be pregnant. This is my normal this year.” By competing in the championships at 34 weeks, I think Montaño helped all of us mother runners to even further dispel the myth that women shouldn’t run during pregnancy.

Obviously you should consult with your doctor, but if you get the green light–go for it! I think I bounced back a lot faster this time because I stayed active while pregnant. Even though I had to stop running at 22 weeks due to pelvic pain, I continued to walk. I am convinced it helped me have a smoother labor and get back into shape quicker.



Water Country – Weekend Family Fun!

On Friday night we headed up to Portsmouth, NH for an overnight and visit to Water Country on Saturday. We got a later start than we originally wanted, but I guess that helped up to avoid traffic! We arrived at the hotel around 9 pm. The next morning we went to a wonderful restaurant in downtown Portsmouth for breakfast. The Friendly Toast had top notch food and great service — for those of you from Providence, it reminded me of Julian’s!

Water Country Jolly Roger Cabana

I had a wonderful scramble with black beans, cheddar cheese, avocado, and a side of toast with their signature home-made bread. The boys had gingerbread waffles that were AWESOME! After breakfast we headed over to Water Country (about a 10 minute drive from downtown Portsmouth). We couldn’t have asked for nicer weather for our trip to Water Country. It was sunny and in the high 70′s. After entering the park we got bracelets for tubes, life jackets for the boys, and our cabana bracelets.

Jolly Roger Cabana Water Country

Here’s what our cabana looked like

Our cabana was in the Jolly Roger area–right next to the Pirate Lagoon. The boys were so excited to be right next to the Pirate pool! They wasted no time getting in the water to cool off! We put life jackets on both of them, since there are many attractions that they need to have a life jacket for if they are under 48 inches. I think it’s a great idea to put one on your younger kids anyway, for safety’s sake. The life jackets are free to use–you just need to put down a deposit.

The Lazy River Water Country

The Lazy River

Our cabana was great! We had a table, four chairs, and two chaise lounges. The only thing lacking was a decent amount of shade for William. We had to jerry-rig a canopy. If I were to bring a baby again, I would bring an umbrella for shade. The canopy tops let in a fair amount of sun. The great thing about the cabana is that you can also order food to be delivered there! We wound up walking over to Capt’n Finn’s for lunch. They had a variety of wraps, pizza, macaroni and cheese, desserts, etc.

Double Geronimo Water Country

Double Geronimo

The rest of the afternoon was spent taking turns with the baby, so we could hit all of the slides we wanted to do. The kids loved Big Ollie and the Wild Canyon. They did the Tahiti Treehouse too–what a great attraction for kids! My older son and I also did the Lazy River–which I loved! It was a great way to float around and stay cool. It was nice to be able to pick up a tube with your bracelet and return it as soon as you were done, so you don’t have to lug it around! We wound up leaving around 4 pm, when my middle son fell asleep sitting up in the cabana chair! I can safely say we all had a great time!

If you would like more information on Water Country and admission rates, hours, attractions, etc. click HERE. You can also visit them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

30 Something Mother Runner received four tickets, tube bracelets, and a cabana rental for the purpose of this review. All opinions and writing are 100% my own. 


Hydration Gear – 5 Great Pieces for Summer Running

It’s getting warmer and more humid pretty much everywhere at this time of year, and you may find your running starting to suffer. Fear not–there is some great hydration gear out there waiting to help keep you from wilting! Whether you are running short distances or long, there is piece of gear to help keep you hydrated. I included more Camelbak and Nathan in my list because I am partial to their equipment!

Here is my list (clockwise from the top left):

Hydration Gear for Warm Weather Running



My June Stitch Fix!

On Tuesday I got my latest Stitch Fix. If you aren’t familiar with Stitch Fix, it’s a service that allows you to shop for clothing in the comfort of your own home. You pay a $20 styling fee, and you receive five items specifically chosen for you based on your information you have provided in your style questionnaire. You receive a 25% discount if you purchase all five items. Any items you do choose are charged to your credit card on file, minus the $20 styling fee. If you choose not to keep any of the items, you forfeit the $20 fee. Anything you don’t want to keep is mailed back in the prepaid envelope within three days of receipt of your Stitch Fix.

I took a break from Stitch Fix while I was pregnant, since they don’t have maternity stitch fixes yet! When I started up again last month, I was pleasantly surprised that some of the items cost less than I expected. That was one of my complaints when I received stitch fixes earlier–some of the items didn’t seem to be worth what they were charging. This was not the case with my last two fixes (yay!). If you would like to sign up for Stitch Fix, you can use my referral link.

Here is what I received in my latest fix:

31 Bits Kyla Double Layer Beaded Necklace– I thought this necklace was just okay. While I enjoyed the fact that it was made from recycled paper by women in Northern Uganda, I just didn’t feel like it was worth the price.

Status: Sent Back

31 Bits Kyla Double Layered Necklace


Pomelo Priya Abstract Floral Print Knit Back Tank– I wasn’t a big fan of this piece. It’s nice and bright, but the style isn’t very flattering on me and the print isn’t my fave.

Status: Sent Back

Pomelo Priya Abstract Floral Print Knit Back Tank

Papermoon Cordelia Chevron Tank– While I LOVE chevron and loved the color of this tank, I don’t think it looked great on me.

Status: Sent Back

Papermoon Cordelia Chevron Tank


Pomelo Colibri Bird Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse– I like the color and print, but I wasn’t a fan of the style of this blouse. I had actually received it in a different color in an earlier fix.

Status: Sent Back

Pomelo Colibri Bird Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse

Peppermint Carrie Printed Sleeveless Dress– This was the winner of the Stitch Fix. I love the colors and the way it fits on me. Once again, it’s not something I would have picked out for myself, but I loved it on! I really like wearing dress in the warmer weather, so I am sure that this piece will get a lot of use!

Status: Kept

Peppermint Carrie Printed Sleeveless Dress

Overall, I decided to keep just the dress. I am anxiously awaiting next month’s fix! :-)

30 Something Mother Runner receives a credit of $25.00 for each referral to support her clothing shopping habit! :-) 




Pop Sugar Must Have Box for June!

Pop Sugar June Must Have Box

As one of Pop Sugar’s Select Bloggers, I had the opportunity to check out the Pop Sugar Must Have box, and I loved it! It’s always fun to get a box full of goodies delivered to your doorstep! :-) June’s box consisted of item’s to get you ready for summer. Here is what I found in my box:

The items in this box retail for about $103, with the box subscription they would be only $39,95. I really enjoyed my Pop Sugar Must Have Box, and if you would like your own Must Have Box, you can use the code “JUNESELECT10″ for $10 off a 3-month subscription ($109.85). The coupon code expires June 30, 2014

POPSUGAR provided me with a complimentary POPSUGAR Must Have box. The opinions I have shared about the box are my own and POPSUGAR did not tell me what to say or how to say it.


Arts Alive, Falmouth

So last week my goal was to hit 12 miles, but I only got in 10. I am totally okay with that though; because life with kids does not always go as planned, and sometimes as hard as you try you just can’t make it happen. I did get a 4 mile long run in on the weekend. I am going to try to bump the long run up by a mile each week until I hit 10 (with a few down weeks in there). If I can do that, I think I will be in good shape for a few fall half marathons.

For those interested: I am still loving the Hokas and also loving my Stable 26 socks (I became an ambassador last month!). They have cushioning on the ankle bones that help prevent blisters and ensure a great fit for your shoes. I have had issues with rubbing on those spots, and now it’s not a problem!

I took Sunday off after Saturday’s 4-miler. I ran yesterday, and it was gorgeous! I have been loving this weather lately–cool in the mornings and evenings and low humidity. I couldn’t ask for better running weather!

Osprey FitSnap

This past weekend we also hit up Arts Alive in Falmouth. It’s a great festival to celebrate the arts in Falmouth. There are musical acts, dance, and some great shopping from local artisans. I wanted to share two of my favorites: Tidal Effects and Bzzy Fingers. We got an adorable onesie for William  from Tidal Effects. It looks just like the one in the picture, but it has an anchor on it (in celebration of our days as Rhode Islanders!). Tidal Effects had a bunch of super cute onesies, dresses, and t-shirts screen printed with nautical items like sea horses, anchors, turtles, and lobsters. I also love that they use a non-toxic soy-based ink!

Onesie_Navy_Sailboat__Tidal Effects

My other favorite shop belongs to a good friend Melissa. She sews BEAUTIFUL clothing for boys and girls for her shop Bzzyfingers. She recently made a t-shirt and bag for my son for his birthday, and they couldn’t have been any cuter! She has adorable whale dresses for girls, and she does a ton of custom orders for customers through her Facebook page. Check it out and support a women-owned small business! :-)

Bzzy Fingers Dress

Bzzy Fingers


We’re Headed to Water Country (and I’m Giving Away 2 Tickets)!

I am so excited that the boys and I will be visiting Water Country in Portsmouth, NH this weekend! I have always wanted to visit this water park; and now that school’s out, we are so there! :-)

Water Country 30 Years of fun


Water Country is located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, about 2 1/2 hours from the Cape and 1 hour from Boston. The park has attractions for every age, including water slides, family rafting, an adventure river, whirlpool, and a wave pool. My boys are SO EXCITED to try out the water slides!

Water Country Park Map

Water Country even offers options for dining, so you don’t have to leave the park to grab a meal. You can also rent a cabana for the day, so that you can enjoy a shaded rest area, tables, food service, and more. School’s out for summer, so come  check out Water Country! Water Country has provided me with two tickets to award to a luck reader! You can enter using the Rafflecopter widget below, and here is a discount code “Blog 30″ for $3.00 of each ticket! Click HERE to purchase tickets.

30 Something Mother Runner received 5 tickets to Water Country and a cabana rental in exchange for sharing this information and giveaway with readers. 
a Rafflecopter giveaway


For Two Fitness® Instagram Contest

You all know I love For Two Fitness®, and I wore their workout clothes a lot while pregnant with #3. If you love them too (or haven’t tried them yet!), check out their Instagram contest, and they are giving away a $100 gift card! The clothes are super comfy and well-made, so they will last the whole 9  months! What I love most is that the shirts were long enough to cover my massive 9 month bump! :-)

My favorite two pieces are the For Two Fitness® workout tanks: “Running for Two” and the Perfect Pregnancy Jacket. They also make great yoga pants– crucial for the late pregnancy stage when nothing else is comfortable (or fits!).

For Two Fitness® will give away the $100 gift card if they get 50 reposts of the image below. Just repost it to your Instagram account and tag it with #fortwofitnessgift and mention @fortwofitness. Make sure you include in your comment what item(s) you love the most. The contest will run from Monday, June 23, and run it through Friday, June 27. 

for two fitness gift card.jpg


Shin Splints (and How You Can Avoid Them)

Runners World recently revealed that the number one newbie running injury is shin splints. Chances are, if you have ever played sports in school, you have experienced them at some point in the season. I can distinctly remember the pain of shin splints during preseason in field hockey. The sheer amount of running squeezed into a small amount of time decimated my shins!

How to avoid getting shin splints

What exactly are shin splints? Shin Splints (medial tibial syndrome) range from minor to major trauma to the fascia of the tibia (lower leg bone). Minor shin splints result in microtrauma to the fascia, but severe shin splints can be caused by complete separation of the fascia from the tibia.

There are some things you can do to avoid getting shin splints. One of the biggest mistakes beginner runners make is doing too much too soon, and this can definitely result in shin splints. The increased impact can cause tiny tears in the connective tissue that connects the fascia to the tibia, as can using the lower legs too much. Many beginning runners push-off with their toes– over-stressing their lower legs. Shin splints can also be caused by running in old shoes (little to no shock absorption left), heel striking, excessive treadmill running, running on a cambered road, too much downhill running, and other factors.

How can you avoid getting shin splints? Try not to ramp up your mileage too quickly. Avoid heel striking–they are a number of great resources for working on your running form. The same goes for avoiding running on your toes. You also want to make sure you invest in a decent pair of running shoes that can help absorb some of the shock from running on hard surfaces.

Have you ever had shin splints?