The Run Less, Run Faster Plan

I first heard about the Runner’s World Run Less, Run Faster plan from my friend Michelle over at For the Love of Running. She has used it for a number of marathon training cycles with great success. As I am eyeing a few fall half marathons; it’s time to pick a plan, and I think this is it. I will probably ending up tweaking it a bit, but at least I have a plan now!

Run Less Run Faster


The basis of the Run Less, Run Faster plan is that you only need to run three times a week. The key is that these three workouts are quality workouts. It’s not about the quantity of miles, but the quality of the workouts in this plan. Each week you have a speed workout, a tempo run, and a long run. I chose to buy the app available for iPhone which allows you to input a recent race time and your desired race date and length (plans run 16 weeks out). The app then produces a training plan based on the Run Less, Run Faster plan. The app is $2.99 and available in the App Store.

The Run Less, Run Faster plan arose out of research at the Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training (FIRST). Researchers at FIRST sought ways to avoid the over training, injuries, and burnout that can accompany some training plans. As I’m getting older, I am realizing the value of avoiding injury and burnout. You no longer recover the way you used to when training hard. I have battled injuries in the past when I started training on more traditional plans, so I am anxious to see what happens with this one!

I am still firming up the fall racing schedule, but so far I am definitely running the ZOOMA Cape Cod Half Marathon (there will be at least one other half marathon!) and the Main Street Mile! Since my six-year old completed four weeks of track camp, he gets a free entry into the Main Street Mile. I told him we could run it together. I can’t wait! :-) He’s already improved so much over the past few weeks– oh to be young again…



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