It’s still kind of surreal that I am now a resident of Falmouth again! Since my local YMCA is no longer 10 minutes away, my training will be shifting to the early morning hours before my husband leaves for work. Zero dark thirty baby!

Starting this morning, I headed out the door at about 6 for my six-miler. Thankfully, the temps are not as cold this week, and we have a nice warming trend mid-week to look forward to! Winking smile

I set out my outfit the night before! 😉

I am hoping that the new morning run routine with help jump start my motivation, which has been seriously lacking over the past week and a half! Being out of town and the stress of the move definitely put a damper on my training.

James starts school this morning, and I will be the helping parent for the date. I’m so excited that this co-op lets you bring the child’s younger sibling too! Collin is going to have a lot of fun “going to school.” He has been talking about it for a few days.

This week will bring a lot more organization and relocating of objects. I am also trying to finalize plans for some of the projects we will be doing at our new house—including redecoration of the boys’ room and adding a shower and new vanity in the upstairs bathroom.

I love interior decoration, so I am excited to flex my muscles in the new home! I am hoping to start digging into some of the work this week while James is in school and I can try to keep Collin occupied. Winking smileWe’ll have to see how that works out…

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