Skin Cancer Prevention

I am doing my own little PSA here because melanoma is a cause that is very close to my heart. My stepfather is currently battling Stage IV melanoma, and I have seen first hand the damage that skin cancer can do.

I spent a fair amount of my childhood out in the sun and not nearly as protected as my two boys are now. I am sure that my mother did put some sunscreen on us, but I know she was not as particular about it as I am now. Times have changed, and we now realize the damage that the sun can do, especially to young skin.

Growing up on Cape Cod, I spent A LOT of time outside at the beach during the summer. I was a lifeguard one summer and even hit the tanning bed on occasion in high school—before prom, etc. I was younger and obviously not aware of the damage I was doing to my skin.

I am much more careful now to cover up. If I am going to be out in the sun a lot, I slather on the sun block and reapply when necessary. I always make sure that my two young boys are covered up as much as possible and covered in sun block. Anyone that has seen them knows how fair skinned they are!

I also make a yearly appointment at the dermatologist to have a full body check of my skin. As much as you try to keep tabs on your skin, there are places that you would never think to look for abnormalities. My stepfather is a perfect example. Two years ago, he was down in Florida and had some bleeding in between two of his toes.

My mother, who is a nurse, went down for a visit and knew immediately after looking at the area that it wasn’t good. My stepdad had a mole in between his fourth and fifth toes on his left foot that had started bleeding. Being a life-long athlete, he thought it was just something that had happened while playing tennis.

After a trip to the urgent care and a biopsy, the results came back as melanoma. He had to come back up to Massachusetts and start skin cancer treatment right away. The melanoma had spread to the lymph nodes in his groin on the affected side and had to be removed along with a toe. He has been in treatment ever since. Although the melanoma is now Stage IV, we are hopeful that several of the newer drugs will be able to keep it at bay.

Melanoma is a very aggressive and deadly cancer, but it is often successfully treated if it’s detected early. PLEASE make sure that you have your skin checked on a yearly basis. If you notice a suspicious mole, make sure you get it checked out right away. There is a quick way of assessing whether or not a mole may be abnormal—it’s the ABCD chart.

Periodically checking your skin for any abnormalities leads to much earlier detection of melanoma and early detection saves lives!




  1. says

    I second this wholeheartedly. I’ve lost friends to this cancer and when I was growing up we just didn’t use sunscreen as strictly.
    Thank you for this.
    Prayers for your stepfather.

    • Jessica says

      Thanks Carla! Thankfully, we have the knowledge now and can make every effort to ensure our kids aren’t affected by skin cancer. :-)

  2. says

    Great reminder. I am a big time believer in sunscreen. I make sure to put it on before every run even when it’s cloudy. I don’t think I have a lotion in the house that doesn’t have some spf in it. I even bought the spray kind for my husband to keep in his cycling bag. I’m sorry to hear about your stepfather.

    • Jessica says

      Thanks Heather! I am on a mission to keep everyone sun safe 😉 Good for you for saving you and your husband’s skin!

  3. deely617 says

    Sorry to hear that your stepfather has stage IV melanoma. Hope the drugs are effective for him.

    My parents still do not use sun block on themselves, and only out it on my brother and myself when we were at a beach.

    As a worried parent I constantly slather my kids up with sunblock and try to remember it for myself, especially if I am outside for work all day. Fortunately I do not run in the sun to often so I don’t worry about it then

  4. says

    Great reminder and I’m so sorry about your stepfather. Like you, I overdid it when I was a kid. Today I am diligent about sunscreen and getting my annual skin check up. I have had one mole removed so far, but otherwise all looks good. It’s not something to mess around with!


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