A Weekend in Hoboken

This past weekend I went down to Hoboken to visit my BFF Lisa and her fiancée Andy (and her super cute cats Marley and Tigger). I was so excited to see Lisa and finally get to meet Andy (who I love by the way—he’s perfect for her!).

My husband took the boys to the Cape Friday night and since I didn’t leave for NYC until Saturday morning at 6:30, I was solo for the night. As much as I was looking forward to some me time, I felt lonely! The house was too quite, and I didn’t even have the dog! Winking smile

I woke up super early on Saturday morning—like 4:30 in the morning early! There were two fantastic things about my early departure: 1) a practically empty bus and 2) I slept for most of the 3 1/2 hour drive.

After getting through the maze that is Port Authority, I met Lisa and we headed to Hoboken. Although I lived in NYC for a year and have visited many times, I had never actually been to Hoboken! It was a short car ride over to New Jersey and we headed out to walk around for a while.

I grabbed a coffee and we window shopped and had lunch before heading back to the condo to decide on dinner plans and the rest of the evening. Evening plans were held up a bit as we waited for the severe weather to pass. We managed to dodge the tornado that touched down in Brooklyn and Queens!

We went to a great little tapas placed called Lola’s Tapas Bar for dinner and some more rain. The perfect ending to our little culinary tour was a trip to Ben and Jerry’s (Phish Food – yum!). I crashed relatively early due to my early morning wake up.

On Sunday we had a leisurely morning and then hit Carlo’s Bakery on Washington Street. For those of you familiar with TLC’s the Cake Boss, this is the bakery! Sometimes there are insanely long lines to get in, but we managed to time it right to get some Italian bakery goodies!

I picked up some treats for my husband and the boys, and while we were there, Buddy’s sister came out to meet some of the crowd. I could not believe how many people come to visit and how much they spend on baked goods. Holy cannoli! SmileIt was hard to pick just a few things—everything looked so delicious!

After brunch and some more walking and shopping, I headed back into the city for the bus ride home. Sad smile I wish I could have stayed for longer. I miss my best friend and roomie! At least I will get to see her again in a little over a month at her shower!

How was YOUR weekend?