Hydration Gear – 5 Great Pieces for Summer Running

It’s getting warmer and more humid pretty much everywhere at this time of year, and you may find your running starting to suffer. Fear not–there is some great hydration gear out there waiting to help keep you from wilting! Whether you are running short distances or long, there is piece of gear to help keep you hydrated. I included more Camelbak and Nathan in my list because I am partial to their equipment!

Here is my list (clockwise from the top left):

Nathan Trail Mix Hydration Belt

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Running on Empty

Yesterday afternoon I had of those runs where it just felt like I was running on empty. Was it: a) the stress of the holidays b) sick kids c) chronic sleep deprivation due to said kids d) too much coffee and not enough water e) lack of eating enough prior to the run? The correct answer is f) all of the above!

I know you have had one of those days where things just don’t seem to click on a run. Sometimes it’s easy to figure out what the issue was when you look back at your running log. Other times, it may be a little harder to decipher. I think that this time of year can be particularly hard for keeping on track with training.

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Hydration While Running

A friend recently asked me for some advice on hydration during long runs and racing. She was curious about how much water/sports beverage she should take in during training and an upcoming half marathon, so I thought I would share some information I collected in addition to my own personal experience.

Your best defense is a good offense, and this definitely applies to proper hydration. As runners, the goal is to keep ourselves properly hydrated throughout the day. The easiest way to test this is by looking at your pee. hydration urine chartIs it almost clear or very light colored? If so, you are keeping yourself well-hydrated. If you see a dark yellow color, you need to be taking in more fluids.

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