Daylight Savings

Okay, well I’m not excited about it keeping the kids up later and losing an hour of sleep! What I AM super excited about is more daylight! As someone who deals with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), daylight savings time is alway something I celebrate when March arrives! There are different ways you can cope with SAD, but nothing beats more daylight!

For me, daylight savings time signifies not only more daylight, but hopefully the arrival of spring! Spring symbolizes rebirth and growth, and I think that’s always something to celebrate and get excited about. I look forward to more time exercising outdoors, walking to my errands, and extra play time on the playground. It’s sort of like we’re all waking up from winter hibernation!

As I mentioned in my post on Wednesday, this spring has been a time of focusing more on my own health. As a mom, I feel like I get so wrapped up in my kids’ health and nutrition that sometimes I neglect my own. I think I do a fairly good job as a whole, but I’m focusing more this spring on my own growth in terms of health and nutrition. I don’t ever want to get obsessive about it, rather I’m trying to be more conscious about the choices I make on a day-to-day basis and making the best decisions as often as possible!

I’m considering this spring my own period of germination! 😉 Just as I will be cultivating our backyard garden, I will also be tending to my own health and wellness.


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Jessica Morrison

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