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This summer my main goal was to have a healthy balance between scheduled activities and camps and unscheduled down time (otherwise known as the “I’m bored” time). I’m happy to report we are doing pretty well at our almost end of July check-in. I will admit though that the “I’m bored” is getting a little old, especially when I offer up all sorts of things that could be done to keep busy but all are unacceptable!

It’s nice to finally be getting some beach time since W is 3 and no longer sleeping in the tent or tirelessly running into the surf– okay, he still does this, but he stays in the shallow water and can be trusted more than a year ago! The other day we went to the beach as a family and I (gasp!) actually brought a book to read. 🙂 I won’t say that I got to read much of it, but I brought it!

I’ve been reflecting on how things have gotten easier quite a bit lately. Last week we went to an evening beach play date with friends and then out to a local market for BBQ night and live music. We were there with some other families that had toddlers and one, in particular, was seated next to me at dinner. He was trying to wrangle two young girls who were fifteen months apart. The younger girl was probably about a year old. He was hastily shoving his own dinner into his mouth while simultaneously trying the feed the baby and keep the toddler from running into the street. I thought to myself “I don’t miss that!” 🙂

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It was nice to sit and eat my meal on my own and not have to worry about chasing anyone around. I’m not saying that there weren’t any complaints from the boys, but it was totally manageable and it was a nice space to be in. I think I’m going to sit back and relish it before the tween years set in!

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