The Nautical Wallpaper I Chose for the Boys’ Room

The title of this post pretty much sums up my current feelings on the weather lately. You already know how I feel,  but this weekend’s impending storm is rubbing salt in my wounds!

I am going to wait and see what ends up happening for race day on Sunday morning. The rain/snow line is still in play, so we will just have to wait and see. It’s supposed to be quite windy as well. If I run, I am going to approach it like a strong training run, not a PR attempt.

Ralph Lauren Nautical Wallpaper

Nautical wallpaper, paint, and trim colors

On a more optimistic note, I finally picked out the nautical wallpaper and paint combination for the boys’ room (see pic), along with ordering duvet covers and some other decorations. The blue will be on the walls that are not papered, the cream will be trim, and the sand color will be on the floors. I am so excited to decorate their room—I think I may want to move in when it’s done! Winking smile

I wanted to choose something a nautical wallpaper that wasn’t kitschy. I also wanted a room that would suit them now, in addition to when they are older. At some point, the room will turn back into a guest room, and I think the design will still work then.

It’s still funny to me that they will be living in my younger sister’s old room! They are very excited, and they can’t wait for the project to be finished. This week I am finishing the sealer coat on the walls. This weekend we will apply the skim coat, and then we can paint and wallpaper!

What do you think of the color/wallpaper choices? 


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