I am so excited to be able to give away two Sparkly Soul headbands to one lucky reader. Sparkly Soul headbands are non-slip headbands that are great for any type of workout. I received one thick and one thin headband to try out for a few weeks during training runs and other cross training workouts. These bands are great, because as advertised, they don’t slip off while moving around and are very comfortable.

Thick headband in various colors

One thing that I have always disliked about headbands is the nagging feeling they give you behind your ears, with the Sparkly Soul headbands you don’t have to worry about any kind of discomfort. Plus they will turn you into a fastinista when you are hitting the road or the treadmill. Who doesn’t love a little bling on the run?

To enter this contest, simply leave me a comment telling me what two colors of headband you would choose if you are the winner. You can check out all of the colors on the Sparkly Soul website. As always, here are the terms and conditions of the sweepstakes:


To enter the sweepstakes for the Sparkly Soul headbands, please just leave a comment below with the color of headbands you would choose if you win.  You cannot enter by any other means. There is NO PURCHASE NECESSARY or any other type of consideration that must be given to enter this sweepstakes. By entering a comment, you are entering in the sweepstakes terms and conditions. To enter this sweepstakes you must be over 18 years of age and a United States citizen.

FIND OUT MORE ---->  Long Run on the Cape

This sweepstakes starts on Monday, December 12, 2011 at 8 a.m. and will go to Monday, December 19, 2011 at 8:00 a.m. The winner will be chosen using Random.org, and the results will be posted on this blog. Winner will be announced by Tuesday, December 20 at 8 a.m.  A winner has one week from the announcement of the winner to claim the prize or else a new winner will be chosen (December 27 at 8 a.m.). All prizes will be awarded. Thus, if the winner does not come forward, a new winner will be chosen. The writer of this blog will not be held liable for any typographical errors or technical failures.

Winner of this contest will receive two Sparkly Soul headbands valued at $15.00 each ($30.00 total value).

Jessica Morrison

29 comments on “Sparkly Soul Headbands”

  1. Blue and orange headbands – I lost a bet with a friend & now have to wear Denver Bronco colors at all of my 2012 half marathons!

  2. Silver. I’m all about the silver ones!! I actually ordered some of these for Xmas gifts but didn’t get one for myself! Silly me!

  3. Have yet to find a headband that stays in during a work out. Would love a black or silver one if I am the lucky one picked!

  4. I already have (and love) your green- for the upcoming Tinker Bell Half. What I need now is a BLACK; my Cinderella outfit for the Princess needs a finishing touch!!!! Thanks 😀

  5. I’m pretty sure I would pick hot pink and blue. Wold be great. I also wanted to let you know the wibiya bar is really messing up my ability to read your blog. It gets frozen in the middle of the screen rather than being anchored to the bottom of the page. I’m using Safari.

    • Thanks for the feedback Sunny-will it let you minimize it? I am going to figure out why this is causing issues with Safari, because that’s the only web browser that it seems to have an issue with 🙁

  6. I would love a black and silver sparkly soul band! I am new to running and this is an awesome thing for my long hair!

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