Women's Health Must-Haves

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It’s National Women’s Health week, so I’m celebrating with some of my favorite products that help support your health– from food items to fitness trackers, here are some of my favorites:

Healthy Choice Power Bowls: Full of nutrient-dense ingredients like all-natural chicken (antibiotic-free), vegetables, brown and red rices, red quinoa and black barley, the Adobo bowl is a delicious lunch or dinner that you can enjoy in minutes. It’s topped with a guajillo chili sauce and toasted pepitas, and it’s SO GOOD! These frozen meals are perfect to throw in your lunch bag on a busy weekday morning or for a quick dinner on after an afternoon full of sports practices or after school activities! You can choose from a variety of Healthy Choice Power Bowl flavors including: Korean-Inspired Beef Bowl, Cuban-Inspired Pork Bowl and the Chicken Sausage & Barley Bowl.

Healthy Choice Adobo Bowl

23andMe: I have been DYING to do the ancestry DNA test for a long time now; so I’m happy to report that my sample has been submitted to 23andMe, and I’m awaiting my results! I have done a bit of rudimentary genealogy, so it will be interesting to see if the results line up with what I’ve been told by family members. 🙂 All you have to do is take a saliva test at home, package it up and mail it in with the postage-paid box. Your sample will be analyzed, and you can discover where your ancestors lived 500 years ago! 23andMe looks at 31 different populations and will break your DNA down by regional percentage.

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23andMe Ancestry DNA Kit

Arm & Hammer Toothpaste: The Arm & Hammer™ Peroxicare™ toothpaste helps to keep your gums healthy. Using baking soda (nice and gentle!), this toothpaste provides a deep clean between your teeth and along your gum line for healthy gums! As someone that has battled gum health, I’ll take all the help I can get!

Arm & Hammer Peroxicare

Mio SLICE Heart Rate + Activity Tracker Featuring PAI: It’s hard to believe that as a blogger that runs and maintains a healthy active lifestyle, I’ve yet to use an activity tracker! The Mio SLICE Heart Rate + Activity Tracker is my very first, and it’s been so fun seeing all of my activity data on the device and in the app. I have used heart rate training before (while running), so I love that the Mio SLICE is an activity tracker AND a heart rate monitor! You can monitor your heart rate 24 hours a day, track steps, distance and calories burned. The Mio SLICE is water-resistant up to 30m/100 ft and will give you activity notifications through your smart phone as well. You can also track and analyze your sleep habits.

One of the unique features of the Mio SLICE is that it helps you determine your Personal Activity Intelligence™ (PAI) —your personal score for optimal health. Each day you can track your PAI points to stay on track.

Mio SLICE with PAI




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