Non-Candy Valentines

Our school is moving towards eliminating sweet treats for celebrations like birthdays and holidays. It’s quite controversial, but I know it’s already the norm for many schools– especially due to allergy concerns. Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I wanted to share 5 of my favorite non-candy valentines that are perfect for classroom celebrations!

  • Heart Stamper— This is an adorable valentine, and I love that the post includes a free printable!
  • Printable Seed Packet— As a healthy lifestyle blogger, how could I not love this one?! 🙂 I love teaching the boys where our food comes from, and I think this valentine is such a great way to share that knowledge with your child’s friends!
  • Just Write Pencil— This was our valentine from last year, and it was a HUGE hit! My oldest is constantly misplacing pencils when it’s time for homework, and I’m sure he’s not alone in that.
  • Crayon Box Valentine— Why not encourage more creativity in your kids and their friends by sharing boxes of crayons? This would definitely be a cute project for younger ages.
  • Bubble “You Blow Me Away“– Bubbles are always such a fun way to celebrate, so why not share the love?
  • I’m Glad We’re In the Same School (Goldfish)— We made these valentines a few years ago, and they were adorable and perfect for pre-school or kindergarten.
  • Star Wars Valentines with Glow Stick Light Sabers— With a MAJOR Star Wars fan in our household, I think these might be the 3rd grade valentine for this year!

Jessica Morrison

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