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I have never been someone that would jeopardize taste for healthiness. I guess I have always thought that healthy food was boring and bland. However, I am learning it doesn’t have to be!! Don’t get me wrong, some healthier options are bland. An example that comes to my mind instantly is rice cakes. I just can’t do the rice cake thing.

Lately, I’ve discovered that not every healthy food alternative is a rice cake. Healthy food alternatives can not only be nutritious but also very delicious! By no means am I a health or food expert. I am just a 20 something-year-old woman who realized she needed to change her lifestyle. I am just here to discuss ways I started changing MY life in hopes to inspire or inform others to do the same, IT’S POSSIBLE.

This new way of life involves healthy, delicious alternatives to foods that lack certain nutrients or to decrease your intake of unneeded carbs, fats, etc. Like I said, I AM NO EXPERT. I just want to share a few food alternatives I have recently started incorporating into my daily life. And let me say, I feel great — and have lost 15 pounds!

Chia Seeds are a Great Addition to Your Breakfast or Smoothie!

Chia seeds are my new OBSESSION. I stumbled upon them in a recipe for a green smoothie and didn’t know anything about this little black seed. I didn’t even know where to find it in the grocery store. I actually just stumbled upon it on accident!! If your go-to grocery store has a bulk section– CHECK IT OUT!

Chia seeds are great in smoothies and sprinkled over cereal!

Once I found it and brought it home, I did a little research. Let me just say…WOW!! It is so astonishing to me that such a small seed can be filled with so many nutrients! Plus, it is so inexpensive! Chia seeds are jam-packed with nutrients including fiber, protein, and calcium just to name a few. THERE ARE SO MANY!!

Throughout my new journey for healthy alternatives, I have added chia seeds to many of my meals. I started with adding them to smoothies, and even a milkshake with some berries and all-natural ice cream! I also added a few pinches to my coconut Greek yogurt, which added a healthy crunch!

Quinoa is a Super Healthy Alternative You can Use in Place of Other Starches

Quinoa is another healthy food alternative to add to your diet! You can use Quinoa (pronounced Keen-Wah) in your diet to substitute white rice and pasta, which can lower your simple carbohydrate intake.

Quinoa is a great healthy alternative to other starches!

This is important because simple carbs give you energy, but no real nutrition value in the long run. You can substitute these sugars for sustainable carbs. Grains, including quinoa, is a great source of sustainable carbs, as well as many other nutrients including fiber, that aid you feeling fulfilled and energized.

There are many simple recipes that involve quinoa including THIS chicken enchilada crockpot recipe I used for my first quinoa meal inspiration.

Have you Tried Spaghetti Squash Yet?

There are many different ways to prepare a spaghetti squash, but I am about speed. So for me, I poke holes in it and put it in the microwave for about 10 minutes (depending on size). Besides the difficulty of poking holes–be careful!! It is hard, trust me. Once it is cooked, you can easily cut it down the middle. It will be hot, so be careful again! You can turn it into “spaghetti” by using a fork. All you must do it scrape it free from the other shell. The shell can even be a disposable bowl for your meal!

Spaghetti Squash - an Easy Healthy Swap

I use this frequently instead of pasta because it is a low fat, low-calorie option! This perfect to help lower your calorie intake, while keeping you full! It does not have a strong taste, so you can use it for many different pasta recipes! Eat it cold or warm! It is very versatile and won’t break the bank but, most importantly, won’t make you hate your meal.

Chia seeds, quinoa, and spaghetti squash are just a few examples of how making simple changes to your daily meal and snack regimen, can be yummy AND nutritious.

I would love to hear your favorite YUMMY food alternatives!! Please comment and share your go-to choices! I am just getting started so I can’t wait to see what I learn as time goes on!

Jessica Morrison

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