The first blizzard of 2015 is in the books. I can’t say it was “historic” as the media anticipated, but maybe my 8 month old could argue that it was for him. Actually Cape Cod got a pretty good amount of snow, and it was still coming down last night. With the wind gusting to near hurricane strength, there are some drifts up to the roof eaves!

Blizzard 2015

I guess the driving ban is a decent excuse for not getting a workout in yet this week… It bums me out though– I hate missing my Monday racquetball. Of course, I spent a good hour outside with my boys yesterday– chasing them and picking them up out of the deepest drifts!

Jumping through 2-3 feet of snow is no joke, so maybe I shouldn’t feel too down about not getting an “official” workout in. Today is another work from home day due to the storm, so I plan on getting some more snow exercise.

Depending on the temperatures and road conditions, I hope to go sledding today during my lunch break. There’s nothing like carrying kids up a snowy hill to get a great leg workout! I’m sure some shoveling is in the forecast as well, so it looks like I’ll hit the full body!

Boys Blizzard 2015

I’m not gonna lie, I love snow. Winter in southern New England is tough for me because it’s cold and dark but not cold enough to get a lot of snow. The snow gives you something to DO outside. Even without the mountains, I can snowshoe, sled, cross-country ski, or play “the fox & the rabbit”– chasing my kids through packed down paths in the backyard.

If all works out this week, I’ll still get in 1-2 racquetball days. I found out recently that my company is now reimbursing us a certain amount for health club expenditures. This was great news, and I think it’s a really smart thing for companies to do. Would you rather pay employees to exercise, or pay for healthcare costs for people who aren’t taking care of themselves?

I hope everyone in the path of the blizzard fares well, and finds a way to get some fresh air!


Clarke Morrison

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