Never underestimate the power of Pinterest. Contrary to popular belief, Pinterest isn’t a social media platform, it’s actually more like a search engine. It can drive a HUGE amount of traffic to your blog. To give you a rough idea, it’s driven 68% of the traffic that comes from social channels (according to Google Analytics!).

While it’s not too difficult to produce pins on Pinterest, it can be more challenging to get them repinned by other users. Thankfully there are easy ways to get more repins on Pinterest, and here they are:

  1. Make sure your images are optimized for Pinterest! Canva has some great templates that are set for dimensions that look best on Pinterest (735px by 1102px). There are some ready-made templates that you can use, or you can create your own. Since Pinterest is a visual platform, make sure your images are high quality and BEAUTIFUL! The ultimate goal is to get the Pinterest user to click through to your post, so you need to grab their attention with the images/design.
  2. When creating your pins, think of mobile users. According to Pinterest, 75% of their traffic is from mobile devices! To make your pins mobile-friendly, use the above dimensions and make sure that you are using fonts that are easy to read and large enough. You also want to choose attention-grabbing colors and have your text overlayed over a solid color. The contrast makes it much easier for a reader to see. 
  3. Use rich pins (see video below for how to get them!). If you’re not already using rich pins, you should be! There are four different types of rich pins: app, product, recipe and article. Their titles reflect the types of things they feature in the pin, i.e. a recipe pin includes the recipe in the pin description.
  4. Embed your own pins within your posts. This is a super easy way to get more visibility for your pins. To embed a pin, just click on the three dots on top of the pin and select embed. Copy the pin url and put it directly into the visual editor of your WordPress editor. This simple step makes it SO much easier for a reader to pin or repin your content!
  5. Repin your old pins that have already gotten repinned onto the same (or different boards). It’s an easy way of getting it in front of Pinterest users again! It helps to have a number of boards related to keywords you want to rank for on Pinterest, that way it’s easy to repin across multiple boards.
  6. Join Tailwind tribes. Tailwind tribes are a new feature of the Tailwind Pinterest scheduling app. Tribes are made up of pinners in the same niche. You request to join a tribe (in the left-hand sidebar), and if accepted you can submit your pins for the rest of the tribe to repin. In turn, you repin other tribe members’ content. It’s a great way to get your pins seen by a larger audience!
  7. Participate in group boards. Similar to tribes, group boards are organized according to pin type or niche. While one person starts the group board, he/she can add other pinners and give them permission to contribute to the board. It’s sort of like being on a pinning “team.”
  8. Include a Pinterest-optimized image in your blog post. I like to put mine at the bottom of the post. If a reader finishes your entire article, it’s pretty likely they will pin your post if they found it helpful!
  9. Use keywords in your pin’s title and description. Because Pinterest is a search engine and not a social media platform, it’s SUPER important to use keywords in your Pin title and the pin’s description. You should also use them when naming your Pinterest boards. While it’s tempting to give pins cute and clever titles, it’s not what gets them ranked in Pinterest results!

Jessica Morrison

9 Comments on 9 Easy Ways to Get More Repins on Pinterest

  1. Hi,
    Thanks. I have just started blogging and looking for all the help.

    I am yet to switch to a self hosted website, though I do have my own domain.

    Is it possible for me to embed pins in my blog posts?

    Thank you.

  2. I can’t believe I’d never thought about number 8 (Include a Pinterest-optimized image in your blog post.) That’s sheer genius. I had no idea where to put these and it was getting ridiculously frustrating. Thanks!

  3. Handy! I’ve just started using Pinterest for my blog and I’m always looking for ways to do it better and make sure I’m not missing something important.


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