Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day here in Providence. High of 81 and plenty of sun! The day got off to a great start since I met Samantha for a five mile run date first thing in the morning. We tried out a new bike path: the Washington Secondary Bike path. I am so glad we went first thing in the morning, because it was already 60 degrees and pretty humid.

I came home and did a quick presto change-o into a dress for our annual Mother’s Day excursion. Since we have been married, my husband has organized a Mother’s Day outing for my mother, my mother-in-law and myself. This year we went to Bristol.

We started off with a beautiful walk on the path behind the Audubon Educational Center. There is a boardwalk that runs from the center all the way down to the water. The sun was shining, and the temperature hit 80 degrees—perfect weather.

After our walk, we hit the Beehive Café in Bristol for lunch. If you live in Rhode Island, and haven’t checked out the Beehive, I would definitely recommend it. You can get breakfast or sandwiches all day, and I had an AWESOME chickpea burger with a beautiful selection of greens as a side. Yum!

We returned to the Audubon Educational Center to check out educational exhibits, since it didn’t open until 12pm on Sundays. The boys loved roaming around and checking out the indoor tidal pool and play area.

On the way home, we got our first Del’s of the season. For my non-Rhode Island readers, Del’s is a summer time staple. It’s sort of like a lemonade slush (complete with bits of lemon rind). As soon as the weather starts to warm up, Del’s is on the menu. Smile

Hope all of my fellow mother runners had a WONDERFUL Mother’s Day!

Jessica Morrison

6 comments on “A Mother’s Day Run Date!”

  1. It was such a great run Jess, I love that we live close enough to plan these rundates!

    I had my first Del’s yesterday too at the Pawsox game with my mother. It was so good! 🙂

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