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The new year is fast approaching, so many of us are in the process of setting health goals or perhaps weight loss goals. I recently had the opportunity to try out a new online coaching app called Noom that assigns you your own personal health coach to help you on your weight loss journey.

Available for iOS and Android (click HERE for a special discount!), the app boasts impressive stats: an average of 18 pounds lost over the course of the program, over 4 years of sustained weight loss with over 45 million lives changed! So how does this 16-week program work? Noom will provide you with helpful information and articles about how to lose weight and get healthy, while allowing you to track meals and exercise to see patterns and effect change.

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Getting Started

The first thing you will do after installing the app is fill out your profile with your relevant stats like age, starting weight, goal weight, picture, etc. You will then go right into your home screen where you can start logging your meals and exercise. If you want to get a quick “snapshot” of your progress, check out your weight graph.

You can always return to your home screen to see your stats for the day in terms of calories, steps, etc. and to get more information on a variety of topics related to healthy weight loss.

Logging Meals

One of the things that I love about Noom is that it has SO MANY foods already pre-loaded into the database, so it was super easy to log my meals and snacks. Whenever I want to get back on track with my eating, logging meals always helps. It definitely makes you think twice about what you put into your mouth, and it’s also helpful for figuring out areas for improvement. Your coach can see what you’re eating and make suggestions too.

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Sample Food Log
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Sample Food Log

If you are having trouble coming up with meals, Noom has a great database of recipes to inspire you! There are recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and you can search by meal type or ingredients (or even type of cuisine!).

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Noom Risotto Recipe copy

Tracking Exercise/Movement

Just as you can track all of your meals and snacks, you can also track exercise with the Noom app. If you like you can connect your smart phone activity tracker to the app, so it will log your daily steps and movement for you!

Exercise Logging Noom

Noom Groups for Support

With Noom Coach, you can also join a group with members that have similar goals. Group support and motivation is so important when you’re making health changes. They can be a great source of motivation and inspiration when you need it most!

Helpful Advice from Your Coach and Relevant Articles

I love that you can message your coach with questions about your weight loss journey, and they are there to provide answers and inspiration! My coach immediately reached out to meet after sign up to introduce herself and discuss my goals for the program. She was very enthusiastic and super helpful in helping me to determine a specialized plan for me.

You will also get weekly articles that will provide you with helpful, relevant articles on losing weight successfully. I love that they are simple and straight forward with helpful information in bulleted format. It didn’t take long to read when I logged into the app, and the information was well-sourced and applicable to the topic we were working on for that week.

For example, there is an article that focuses on the health benefits of weight loss. We often choose to lose weight for vanity reasons, but there are so many benefits that you start to see right away in your health like improving your cholesterol levels, decreasing insulin sensitivity, lowering blood pressure and reducing inflammation in your body.

The key to long-term weight loss is changing unhealthy habits, so Noom can help you address triggers like sugar cravings, falling off the wagon or when you’re feeling stuck in a rut and lacking motivation with a custom habit plan. No need to let mental, social and emotional triggers keep you from staying on your plan! This comprehensive program covers everything from food and exercise to the importance of getting enough sleep and establishing healthy habits. If losing weight in a healthy way is part of your New Year’s resolution, you should definitely check out Noom! Click HERE to get special discount pricing!

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