Yesterday I took the boys to our “new” YMCA. We actually went twice in one day! I took them in the morning, so I could work out and later in the afternoon for James’s swim class. I would have combined the two trips, but you have to make reservations for the childcare and they didn’t have availability later in the day.

YMCAI was so desperate to run, and after my wildlife encounter earlier this week, I didn’t want to run outside in the dark. It was nice to get back on track with my training schedule, although I am disappointed that the treadmills at the new Y don’t have TVs in them like our old Y. Sad smile You can tune in to a frequency to hear the audio, but who uses a radio anymore??

I managed to entertain myself for six miles by doing a progression run. I am going again this morning after I drop James off at school, so I will have to think of some fun workouts to keep myself busy!

Swim class at the Y went well—their pool actually has a spiral water slide! They also have a nice kiddie pool complete with water fountains. I like that there is an outdoor pool for summer too.

This weekend is going to consist of lots of outside running to make up for the treadmill weekdays and more organizing! Anyone have more interesting plans for the weekend?

Jessica Morrison

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