Thank God I got to run yesterday! I was about to go bonkers after about 2 weeks of rest, but I know my body was telling me to take a breather. I just went out for 3 miles, but it felt AWESOME! I definitely had a little spring in my step—7:52 miles.

My husband and I also got a lot of work done in the boys’ room, including patching up more walls and hanging some wallpaper. I am so happy that it’s starting to come together, and everything in the room looks just like I thought it would.

Ralph Lauren Chesapeake Collection
Ralph Lauren Chesapeake Collection

I am so in love with the wall paper we chose for the accent walls, and the trim color really pops against the blue walls. Last Friday I received the rope knot knobs I ordered from Etsy for the small doors under the eaves. I am thinking about using them on the dresser too. How cute are they??

Inspired by my little reupholstery project last  week, I decided to give a facelift to my old toy box/bench. I am really into repurposing things already in the house/garage/basement, so this was a perfect project. I chose Krylon indoor/outdoor spray paint in cherry red (since I had done an accent table for their room in the same color).

IMG_20130303_162401_601I used 220 grit sandpaper to rough up the surface of the bench. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a before picture! it was a darker brown stain. After roughing it up, I used about 2 cans of the Krylon to do multiple thin coats (helps avoid drips).

I LOVE how it turned out. I am going to make a cushion for the bench seat, and then it will go right in front of the window. I am all about multifunctional furniture items, so a bench with storage is perfect! So excited that there will be more running and more interior decoration this week! Smile

Jessica Morrison

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  1. I hear you when you say your body is crying out for a run, I am on the mend from a fall at work and have not been on one for over a month. I am just reading around some blogs and looking at what I could to to keep me busy for a few more weeks until I am match fit again. I might try wallpapering!

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