Cirque du Soleil Ovo
Cirque du Soleil Ovo

I received two tickets to Cirque du Soleil Ovo in exchange for sharing this information with my readers. 

I have seen Cirque du Soleil once before, and I’m SUPER excited to see it again with my mother next month in Boston! Cirque du Soleil Ovo will be coming to the Agannis Arena in Boston for a series of performances beginning September 6 and ending September 10. You can purchase your tickets HERE. Children’s tickets start at $25 and there are family packs of tickets available.

About Ovo

Ovo will take you take you on an exciting journey into the life of bugs, exploring the beauty of their life cycle through movement, acrobatics, music and more. You can watch the clip below to get a sense of the Ovo performance:

Anyone else headed to Cirque du Soleil Ovo in Boston?

Jessica Morrison

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