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Even though the summer is ending and back to school time is here, I’m REALLY looking forward to getting back into my own fitness routine. Since I work part-time from home, I’m with my 3 boys most of the day (in between shuttling back and forth between camp and lessons!) and that means that without a babysitter, I have no time to work out. While I love my boys dearly, I miss that time to myself to focus on my physical fitness and it’s something I crave when it’s time to head back to school and fall arrives!

Since I’m sure there are some of you in the same boat, I put together a list of ways to motivate yourself to get back into your gym/fitness routine when school starts.

  1. Lay out your clothes the night before. I can’t emphasize how much this little trick has helped me from procrastinating on busy weekday mornings! If I’m headed to the gym or for a run right after school drop off, I just throw on the outfit I laid out the night before. If I have other errands to run or work to do, the outfit goes right into my gym bag and to the car.packed workout bag
  2. Meet up with a friend to work out. There’s nothing like the buddy system to prevent your from bailing on a workout, plus time goes by A LOT faster when you have a friend to chat with. I love to schedule gym time with friends, so we can talk while running or walking on the treadmill.
  3. Put it in your planner! I can’t live without my calendar– I would literally go crazy without some record of where I have (and everyone else in the family) has to be at any given time. It’s also where I put my lists and priorities for the day. Checking items and appointments off my list gives me a tremendous sense of satisfaction, and putting a line through that workout appointment is no different.
  4. Buy yourself some new workout gear. If you need some extra motivation to get after it this fall, why not spoil yourself with some new workout gear?! Last month I picked up some new items from adidas: the All Me Wanderlust Bra and Crossback Bra along with the Believe This High-rise Wanderlust Tights (high-rise tights are my all-time fave!). New workout clothing always gives me some extra oomph to hit the gym or the roads/trails for a run!adidas Back-to-School Workout Gear
  5. Set a new goal. In most parts of the country, fall brings lower humidity and cooler temps which means easier running! Sign up for a fall race or set a new time/distance goal and enjoy how much better it feels to run in the fall. Track your goal with online fitness apps or in your planner to let your progress motivate you!



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