Leesa King-Size Mattress with Duvet

Leesa® provided a free product for us to review. However, all opinions stated
here are my own.

How Your Sleep Life Changes as a Parent

I often joke that since becoming a mom, I never sleep the same way as I did before kids! Between the discomforts of pregnancy, nursing and comforting children throughout the night, it’s difficult to get a really restful night of sleep as a parent– unless of course, you are alone on vacation! I will confess that even then I don’t sleep that well…

Now that my youngest son is almost 4, sleep is starting to improve in our household– even more so since the arrival of my new king-sized mattress from Leesa®!

I’ve Waited My Whole Life for a King-Sized Bed (and I wish I’d Gotten One Sooner!)

I’m not kidding when I say that I’ve waited my whole life for a king-size bed! When I was fresh out of college, I even took two twin beds and stuck them together to try to create a larger bed, but then I got married and had kids and my space (and budget!) never seemed ready for a king-sized bed. Now that I’m a little more established in life and have plenty of room in our forever home, having a king-sized bed makes a lot more sense.

What Makes the Leesa® Mattress Different

There are many reasons why I chose to work with Leesa® and here are just a few of them:

Ease of Order and Delivery

Leesa® is an innovative direct-to-consumer online mattress company, which means that all you have to do is order the mattress and it’s delivered to your door (in a box!). Shipping is free within the U.S., Canada and the U.K. Since we live in a home that was built in the 1820s, moving furniture or mattresses into our home can be a challenge (if not impossible!). Thankfully the Leesa® mattress arrived in a box (compressed), so it was easy to get off the porch and up to our room without damaging any walls or door frames in the process!

There are instructions on the side of the box for setting up the mattress and it’s as easy as unfolding it in the right direction and letting it expand for about an hour before you sleep on it. It’s compressed for shipping, so it will be at its best 24 hours after set up.

Leesa Mattress in Box

Leesa Mattresses are 100% made in the U.S.A

If you have been a follower of this blog for a while, you know I LOVE products that are made right here in the U.S., so that was another huge plus for Leesa® in my book.

Leesa® Gives Back

Leesa® has a very cool social initiative called the One-Ten®. They donate one mattress for every ten sold. The company also plants one tree for every mattress sold and have pledged to plant one million trees by 2025!

They’re Affordable

When you start mattress shopping, it’s hard not to notice how pricey some are (especially when you are looking at a king-size mattress!). The Leesa® mattresses start at $525 and go up to $1,070 for a king size.

What Makes the Leesa® Mattress Different

The Leesa® mattress is a 10-inch hybrid foam mattress made from premium materials. Each mattress has a total of 3 foam layers:

  • Top: 2-inch Avena™ foam top layer perforated to keep you cool and provide
    a cushiony bounce.
  • Middle: 2-inch memory foam middle layer for body contouring.
  • Bottom: 6-inch dense core support foam for durability and edge support.

I have never had a foam mattress before, but OMG, I’m not going back! This mattress is SO comfortable and since it’s foam, you don’t get disturbed when your significant other (or child) gets in or out of the bed. The bad thing about it being so comfy is that the kids all want to sleep in our bed now! 🙂

Leesa King-Size Mattress with Duvet

Leesa Mattress Surface Texture

Grab My Special Discount Code for $100 Off Your Leesa® Mattress!

I’m so happy to share with you an exclusive discount code for $100 off a Leesa® mattress (use code “MOTHERRUNNER”, so you can purchase your own! They have a 100-night sleep guarantee, so if for any reason it doesn’t work, they will come pick it up!


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