OESH Sandals
I received a pair of OESH sandals and a running outfit from Maloja to review. 

Summer is finally here and I have some fun new items to share with you! I recently received some OESH sandals and Maloja running apparel to try out and here’s my review:

OESH Sandals

I was so intrigued when I was approached to try out these sandals. First off, the soles are printed by a 3D printer and I’ve NEVER owned anything made by a 3D printer. Secondly, they were created by a woman (Dr. Casey Kerrigan) for people who suffer from various foot issues (raises hand!). So it was a no brainer to check out OESH and see how they worked for me.

After running for most of my life and carrying three children, to say my feet have been through a lot would be the understatement of the year! 🙂 Sandals and flip flops are particularly hard for me, since I need them to also be supportive. Enter the OESH (pronounced like the beginning of ocean) Artemis sandals. These sandals are designed specifically for active women and feature soles with honeycomb springs that make them SUPER comfy! The fully adjustable straps allow for the perfect fit. I love that they are designed for all-day wear and are great on both wet AND dry surfaces.


Maloja Running Apparel

Another fantastic find for summer running was these beautiful and comfortable pieces from Maloja.

The GrettaM. Top

The GrettaM. top (see below) is a super comfy running top that’s seamless and fast-drying and it’s great for running, biking or any other sport! It’s made with 3D knit (no seams!) and I love the cloud design and color combo. The print is also reflective and the shirt offers UV protection.

Maloja Running Top

Roda M. Running Shorts

I also tested out the Roda M. running shorts from Maloja. These running shorts are slightly wider and shorter than what I usually wear, but they’re SO lightweight and comfy on the run. They have a zippered key pocket, elastic waistband and 4-way stretch. The print you see below is Pine Tree. If you’re used to a liner in your running shorts, please note that these shorts do NOT have a liner.



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