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It’s hot and humid here on the Cape and that means our family is drinking A LOT of water. Since I’m not a fan of the taste of our tap water, it’s bottled or filter water for us and let’s face it— water can really taste different! We recently got a shipment of Starkey Water to try out and we love it! Not only does it taste great, but I love the old school glass bottles that you can easily reuse or recycle; I keep one on my desk while working, so I can hydrate all day long!

Starkey Water on the Desk

What Makes Starkey Spring Water Different?

Starkey Spring Water comes from a geothermal spring located in the mountains of Idaho– 2.2. miles underground (carbon dated to 11,000 years) to be exact! Sourcing the water from this location gives it a high alkaline pH of 9.6 and a super smooth taste. People sometimes look at me like I’m crazy when I talk about the “taste” of water, but it’s a real thing and Starkey has a great taste!

I also love the old school glass bottles. I think water always tastes better in glass and the bottles make a nice addition to your dinner table when hosting. They’re perfect for recycling, reusing or repurposing! You can find Starkey Spring Water at your local Whole Foods Market. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway below to win a case of your own AND a $50 gift card to Whole Foods Market!

Starkey Spring Water Idaho

An Awesome Giveaway for 1 Case of 1L Starkey Spring Water (Glass bottles) and a $50 Gift Card to Whole Foods!

Enter to win a case of Starkey Spring Water (1-liter glass bottles) and a gift card to Whole Foods using the widget below:

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  1. My favorite way to hydrate is this summer would be drinking a lot of water and placing bits of fruit inside the water to add my own infusion of hydration.

  2. This summer we have been juicing watermelon. My boys love it! We have also been making snow cones with homemade syrup.

  3. I hydrate by mixing bottled water with a 1/4 tablespoon of lite salt and a squirt of Mio Lemonade. It’s like Lemon Lime Gatorade without all of the sugar.

  4. I usually drink water. Well I always drink water but I could really use some with some taste I miss it so much!

  5. It’s hard when you have a 3 year old but the best key I have is if you see sweat (or feel it on yourself) drink water! I am a huge water buff it is how I diet that and walking every day! I have bad knee or I would be a runner!

  6. I like fruit infused water. I use the special pitcher where you put the fruit in the middle so it infuses with the water. But I love these glass bottles so much I will definitely have to get some of it!

  7. I’ve been drinking lots and lots of sparkling water such as LaCroix, Deer Park, Pellegrino and Bubbly, but they have to be almost frozen. Thanks for the chance and Happy Saturday! RO

  8. I drink a lot of water. Three years ago I stopped drinking soda and switched to water instead and it’s the best for hydration.

  9. I get a nice big reusable water bottle that keeps my water cold. It helps me drink water when I’m out and about. Lately, I’ve been loving watermelon which has very high water content that keeps me hydrated without an effort.

  10. I drink lots of water but my favorite way to hydrate is to eat fruits and veggies that have a high water content. I really like watermelon during the summer.

  11. I carry water with me everywhere. It’s an extra item, but it comes in handy when it’s in the triple digits outside.

  12. This is the first time I’ve been home more during the daytime for summer, and I keep mason jars with straws filled with ice cold water. So nice! It would be great to try these, I’d be spoiled with these delicious flavors!

  13. Water. After my two cups of coffee in the morning, water is all I drink. Staying hydrated is so important. 🙂 Thank you.

  14. Sparkling water is my favorite way to hydrate oh and margarita’s or maybe they are why I need so much sparkling water hahahaha 🙂

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