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I have been working on improving my breakfast lately– making sure I am getting fiber, protein and at least one fruit. School mornings can get quite hectic around here with the 3 boys (as I am sure they are for many of you too!), so I like to find breakfast items that I can make ahead of time.

Steel cut oats (also known as “Irish Oatmeal”) is one breakfast item you can prep on Sunday and enjoy for the rest of the work/school week! I like to use Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats (which you can find in your local grocery store in the natural foods section). I love Bob’s because all of their products non-GMO and many are organic.


Why Steel Cut Oats are Best

When choosing grains, it’s always best to look for the least refined option, and oats are no exception. Steel cut oats are made by taking the oat kernels and chopping them into thicker pieces, rather than rolling, steaming, and then steaming them again (like rolled oats). In general, the less processed, the better it is for your body!

My Favorite Toppings and Mix-ins for Steel Cut Oats


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