seasonal vegetables at henrietta's tableThis challenge has been a loooong time coming! I have been feeling like our family diet could use some help as of late, and the holiday season hasn’t really helped push us in the right direction! I have decided that it’s time for a real food challenge for Team Morrison!


I have been feeling blah for a while now, and I really think that my diet is to blame. I don’t drink soda or eat a ton of junk, but there is definitely room for improvement. I need to replace some of the more refined carbs with more fruits and vegetables and cut out some major sugar.

But this change isn’t just for me, my family needs it too. I focus a lot of energy on making sure that my children eat right, and for the most part they do. My 4 year-old is pretty good with his fruits and veggies (almost to the exclusion of other foods!), but my 6 year-old really needs to incorporate more of both into his diet.

I have never restricted treats from their diet (believing that it would lead to overeating the junk when it was available). In spite of this, my 6 year-old has been focusing so much on getting a “treat” after lunch and dinner. He constantly asks “how much do I need to eat to get dessert?” I want to move away from this obsession with treats and get him to focus on eating nutritionally balanced meals and being happy with some healthier desserts I can make with fruit and natural sugars.


If you haven’t checked out Lisa Leake’s blog 100 Days of Real Food, I highly suggest doing so. Lisa started getting her family to eat clean with a 100 day real food challenge years ago. She was amazed with the effects it had on her family, especially with her two daughters.

The success of their challenge spawned a highly successful blog and recently published cookbook. I love her down to earth and relatable style of writing. She’s just like every other mother I know–trying hard to keep her family healthy and make sound food decisions. Lisa has a great page (Start Here) that will help you start the Real Food challenge, in addition to a TON of yummy recipes that make it much easier.


Recently, Lisa reformulated and launched her real food challenge in the form of an automated mini-pledge program. I signed up, and you can too HERE. You take on a new little challenge each week (you will receive the new challenge on Thursday to start on a Sunday or Monday).

I admit, I was a little scared when I first looked at the later weeks, but we’re taking it on! I am excited, and I will keep you all posted with Team Morrison’s progress! Join us and cut out the processed food! 🙂

Jessica Morrison

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