My favorite desserts to make for holidays and cookouts are trifles. They looks so complicated, but they are really the easiest dessert to make! Once you get the hang of them, you canĀ customize them a thousand different ways. The trifle I made for our annual family pig roast this past Saturday was a variation of this recipe from Kraft. It’s a great summer dessert with the combination of lemon and berry flavors (you could really use whichever type of berries you wanted).

Here are step by step instructions for making your own trifles:

  1. Locate a trifle dish or big round dish. The round dishes work just as well, but I think trifle dishes kick it up a notch. They help make you dessert a beautiful centerpiece.
  2. Decide on what layers you would like to use in your trifle. Common ingredients are: pudding (I like to use instant because it only takes 5 minutes to set), cake, cookies, candies, fruit, and nuts.
  3. Line the bottom of the dish with your first layer–I like to use the cake or cookies for the base layer.
  4. Alternate layers following a pattern to create a beautiful design along the outside of the dish.
  5. Top with Coolwhip and then garnish with crushed cookies, candies, mint, or whatever you would like!
  6. Place trifle in the refrigerator to let it set.

When you are finished you will have a beautiful dessert that will garner many compliments from your guests. You can pretend that you slaved away in the kitchen to create your dessert masterpiece! šŸ˜‰ If you are looking for some recipes to get started, here are a few of my favorites, for quick reference you can re-pin the image below:

Jessica Morrison

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