Hitting the trails is pretty much my favorite thing to do when I’m feeling really stressed or need to unplug for some “me time.” It’s really the only place I can go where I know I won’t be interrupted by anything and where I’m really forced to be in the moment– because if I’m not, I’ll end up biting it on the trail! 🙂 I often refer to it as my “therapy” since that’s really what it is for me. If I ever have a problem I need to solve or something I need to work through, a trail run is the perfect way to make myself feel better able to handle it and find a solution.

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My Favorite Local Trails

I’m so lucky that I live where I do because there is no shortage of GORGEOUS places to run, whether it’s in the woods or along the beach. If I opt for the trails, there are some that I can easily run to from my house in Beebe Woods. Since I like to go off the beaten path, there are some great single track trails you can follow that will get you a solid 4-5 mile run. I also love running at Crane Wildlife Preserve. It’s a hotspot for mountain biking too, with plenty of single track, technical trails. Here’s a quick recap of my favorite places to trail run (or mountain bike!) on Cape Cod.

My Best Trail Running Tips

You don’t need much to hit the trails and start enjoying a peaceful run in nature, but here are a few tips to make the most of your workout in nature:

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  • Wear the Right Shoes— As I mentioned above, if you plan on trail running often, trail shoes can be a lifesaver! Trail shoes are designed to help keep your ankles stable on uneven ground. The have great traction for slippery surfaces and they are often water resistant or allow water to drain through to prevent damp feet on the run.

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  • Bring Water— I think it’s even more important to bring hydration on trail runs, even if it’s a short distance, simply to be prepared in case you would get lost or injured in the woods. Better safe than sorry! It doesn’t hurt to stash an energy bar in your pocket for the same reason!
  • Be Safe!— Make sure you stay safe on the run by bringing along your smartphone (in a protective case!) in case of emergency. I like to bring mine along too since I use Maprika to take advantage of GPS on the trails. There are a lot of different apps to help you stay safe while running. Depending on where you live, you may also want to bring pepper spray, bear spray, or other repellents!

If you’re local to Cape Cod, what are YOUR favorite trails?

Jessica Morrison

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